I'm going to an interview.. and I need

  1. With Louis Vuitton :yahoo: :wlae: :yes:

    But I need something girls....

    Remember in the last season of "Friends," Rachel Greene went to an interview with Gucci and get caught by her boss at Ralph Lauren? Well... I want her outfit... I want the entire outfit from the white blouse, the suit, the pants, maybe her shoes too :nuts: :nuts: (I have long hair already :graucho: )

    I love that outfit, she looks totally breath taking. Someone has a picture of it? Help meeeeeee
  2. i wish the Girls here can help u :heart:

    but anyway BEST OF LUCK :biggrin:
  3. Ok, let me try to understand what you are saying.

    You are going on an interview with LV and need a bag to use or are you going on an interview and want the right LV bag to use?
  4. I'm looking for the right outfit to wear to my interview. I remember watching Friends and I totally in love with what Rachel Greene was wearing to her interview at the restaurant with Gucci. The suit was gorgeous, and the white blouse was fashionable, everything fits her perfectly. I'm looking for something like that to wear on my interview day
    Sorry.. maybe i'm too excited and I don't make any sense :biggrin:
  5. well find a suit and buy yourself a black epi jasmin and you'll be good to go. I don't really understand the question sorry.

    Have a good interview though.
  6. I understand, lol, but I don't remember what episode that is. There are screen captures here if you can figure out the season!
  7. Hope this is what you want to see. :smile:



  8. lol. Well I understood your post.
    Can't help but good luck!
  9. I don't know either, but that is a gorgeous outfit so I don't blame you for wanting it! Good luck!
  10. that's it.. that's it right there....

    thanksssss sooo much Angie2... now where can i find that white blouse girls? do you remember seeing one similar anywhere? I'm going to GArmani outlet to try to get a nice suit... i'm very petite.. hope 36 GArmani will fit... I have never seen a white blouse that style before.. the color is unique
  11. may be if you post this in the wardrobe forum, the ladies over there can help you out....
    Good luck w/the interview.
  12. nice suit !