I'm going thru a stage and I need help!!!

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  1. I'm in this stage right now where my life is totally changing....I've already decided to get rid of a number of my LV bags do to lack of use and a change in my personal style (CB retro, Cherry Speedy, pegas 60, deauville and fringe bucket). But now I'm thinking that I should sell my black MC eye love you and get a black MC alma, or speedy because of the ease of use of the latter to bags. What do you guys think!!???
  2. I think it's silly to sell a limited piece like Eye Love You and replace it with ordinary bags like MC alma or speedy. JMO.
  3. I agree with the Member of the MOD Squad above. You can get an Alma any ole' time. I would not get rid of the Eye Love You LE Piece...EVER...unless of course i needed a new kidney or something.
  4. Will you regret it later? You can get the regular Alma and speedy anytime, right?
  5. Wow, that's really extreme..! :wtf: :lol:
  6. ahehehehehe:shame: maybe just a little
  7. I would NOT get rid of LE pieces for readily available one...
  8. Lots of the bags you listed up there that you are thinking of selling are LE or special lines.

    I think unless you can't get a "regular" bag on top of these LEs, there's no point in selling any of them! I am dying for a CB LV especially a papillon, and if I had one.. I probably wouldn't wear it much just cuz it's a LE, but I'd love looking at it and knowing it's in my collection.

    I think it's amazing that you got a great collection there and the fact that a lot of those items are almost irreplaceable. Once you sell them it'll be very difficult to get them back (if at all).

    I understand that you're trying to view it from a "use" standpoint.. but I think that with LEs you can't really look at it that way. Unless you're really strapped for cash.. wouldn't it be easier if you just bought a "regular" bag in addition to your lovely collection? Keep those LEs for what they are! Special pieces that may not get everyday use just for the simple fact that they ARE special!
  9. I used to prefer classic line (they do seem more timeless and easier to match so I'll tend to use more often :P ) but ever since I fall in love with cerises speedy and can never find it in the boutique now, I gotta face the hassle of ebay and all, it just seem much simpler and easier if I had just gotten it at the boutique when it's still available. :sad: Feel so much like kicking myself now... :Push: :P
  10. Please keep you eye love you. Its so unique and rare.

    Or at least think about it for another 6 months.
  11. I know how you feel. I had several CB items and graffiti pieces. I decided to sell them to finance bags I would use. I don't really regret it. I have kept a couple of pieces but most of them went.
  12. Mh, that's tough... Limited, gorgeous, etc... but if you really have no use for it and if you are sure, that you won't regeret it - sell it. Keeping stuff just because it's limited is not enough IMO, you have to love it :P
  13. Well, I guess if you are REALLY sure that you won't even miss them after they are gone, why keep them to collect dust? :lol: I guess it's wiser to sell it to other purse lovers who would appreciate them even more... :shrugs: And you can use the money to buy bags you'll love more... ;) Both parties getting a happy ending..! :smile:
  14. i agree...im sure OP has a reason for wanting to sell LE bags...then again..can u sell a couple and keep a few? would that balance out your problems? HTH
  15. I agree. Personally, I would never sell a LE piece for a piece that you can get just about anywhere but that's just me. If you don't absolutely love the bag, then sell it.