I'm going through sooooo many emotions right now.... I just bought the MJ TOPAZ stam

  1. ok, if you know a little about my story... you know i have been looking for an MJ in TOpaz for like a year now and while there were some to be had, I always missed out or they were used or too expensive for me to justify spending on a bag made 4 -5 seasons ago.

    I just bought one.....she was probably only posted for an hour, lol cuz as soon as i saw her i snagged her. No second guessing....thinking about it for a long time...like the last time i missed out. Oh my goodness, i'm so happy. No I realize I have been just substituting and trying to soothe myself with other bags. This stam is my dream stam...though I still love my plum.

    I'm so happy and thanks spaceyjacey for thinking about me....and telling me about the stam..even though i'd already bought it. Now, i'll have 3 stams.... yayayayayay!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. ^^^

    YAY! so it was you! congrats!
  3. That is awesome!! Congrats!!:happydance:
  4. Congrats! That is a beautiful bag.
  5. That's great news Aggie!! Congrats! Keep us posted on when you get her!
  6. Ooooh Aggie! I saw her on eBay and I was thinking about it too! Glad you got her though! Congrats! GREAT PRICE too!
  7. Congrats! I saw that bag posted in the eBay finds, and its such a beautiful color, and you got it at a great deal. Post modeling pics when you get it.
  8. Congrats Aggie!!! What a beautiful bag. Please post pics so we can drool!!! :drool:
  9. Congrats Aggie!!
  10. Yay Aggie!! I can't wait to see your pictures of it! Congrats on finding your dream bag for a great deal!
  11. I am so happy for you!! This purse family of ours is the best!
  12. Congratulations aggie! It's such a wonderful feeling to find that perfect MJ bag. The girls here are the greatest and so helpful!

    Love to see pics if you can take them when you get it. Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!
  13. Yeah! I took my topaz stam out for a spin today, she had yet to see winter
  14. OMG!!:wtf:
    That is great Aggie!!!! I am so happy for you! :woohoo::woohoo:This is a great place...everyone here is so freaking nice and willing to help eachother out! I am happy to be a member here.:yes:
    Can't wait to see pics!!
  15. Congratulations! :yahoo:

    I had no idea about your trials and that you had been searching for one for so long. :nuts: