I'm going on my end of summer diet

  1. Ok I want to loose 15 lbs before the fall really gets here to cali which is probably a couple more months so I have lots of time. I also have finally gotten over all my must-go-to parties of the summer and don't think i have too many temptations getting in the way.

    wish me luck!! I am not going to do any 'diet' in particular, just up my veggie intake, cut out my sugar intake, add an additional day at the gym (so I'll go 4 times instead of 3) and go on a daily evening walk with my pooch (because he gained a 1.3 lbs !!) and go to my doc to get a vitamin B shot.

    fall shopping time is around the corner!!! :smile:
  2. I'm doing this too! I always end up gaining weight duing the summer. Good luck!
  3. i heard.. well my mus friend just told me that she is eating for break fast and lunch huge fruti juices (freshly squeezed) and a big meal at dinner with a chocolate bar and the weight i just dropping off. she says in the beggingin you feel a bit hungry but your body gets used to it and the juice gives you allthe nutrients too
  4. so am i.. but i'm just cutting out candy. i don't have scales here so the earliest i'll get to weigh myself is after 2-3 weeks from starting (which is just as well really, and i want to use the same scales). it's amazing how much candy weight i carry around though, i know that from past experience :shame: i looooooooooove candy :biggrin: when i was at my thinnest i didn't touch it from september - december one year.
  5. I always find that you put on weight at Christmas, then diet to get it off ready for Summer, eat loads in the Summer (ice creams, barbecues, parties etc.), then diet until Christams to look good in frock (and be able to eat lots at Christmas!!). It's like a continuous cycle of gorging, dieting, gorging, dieting on a large scale!!
  6. oh that is SO true - plus i always go on a diet after winter to get ready for the cute spring/summer outfits but by august I have been to a bazillion bbq's and end up not caring about being cute because it's too HOT to care and then want to get in shape again for fall clothes and holiday wear, eat a bunch and then wear warm up suits for 3 montsh before i go again on the gorge/diet cycle! hahhahha :roflmfao:
  7. you girls are too funny... GOOD LUCK!
  8. wow, I thought I was the only one who put on weight during the summer..I can't fit in the jeans I wore throughout spring and memorial day.:sad: I don't usually weighed myself, only measure and boy was I shocked to discover that my hips went up an inch!:rant:
    I just ordered Stotts Pilates (which haven't arrive since I oredered Aug 1st) and this Cathe videos..the things is also I went less to the gym, only cycling and wt lifting 3x/ week and the rest of the day is hiking 1.8 miles....
    it must be those picnic where I ate and ate and ate..and those long road trip where I ate and ate and ate along the way...:crybaby:
    I need to fit in those jeans for fall...
  9. I am with you ladies! I am doing WW and have lost 23 so far maybe 20 more to go!:yahoo: Good luck!:smile: