Im Going on a Hiatus + Exclusive Limited Edition Keepal

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  1. Hey everyone I am going on a Hiatus:cry: I will be moving tomorow and wont have internet till the end of next month, once I have my :censor: together so I won't be able to post or share my purchases for a wille with you guys but I can asure you some eye candy once I come back:graucho: I will miss you guys! just promise me to behave...

    and I also wanted to share with you guys something I saw in my Details magazine supscription I just got, so this thread wont get closed or be off topic:flowers:

    P.S The only bad thing is that im moving to a place with no LV:crybaby:


  2. awww, I'll be counting the days until you can join us again! :crybaby: Can't wait to see ur come back post w/new goodies!:yahoo:
  3. Thanx Classic Chic! I can't wait either:wlae:
  4. That's an awesome bag- not sure it's worth 2x the price of a regular Keepall, but still nice.
  5. well it is water resistant and a LE so id say it's a fair price too bad I have outgrowned from the mono and im considering getting a tobago one otherwise it would be really nice to have...
  6. awww, we'll miss ya! have fun moving! so....... watcha getting after? :graucho: does it have to do with this new duffle bag?!?!? :biggrin:
  7. Ohh I wonder what you are going to purchase:graucho: I love the keepall .. I wonder if they will produce it in a carryall?? Good LUCK with the move:heart:
  8. good luck with your move I look forward to having you back don't worry the time will fly
  9. Thanx you guys! im getting 2 LE some of you allready know what they are but for those of you who don't know im keeping it a suprise:graucho: I'll have them both when I come back...
  10. wow, i like that new Keepall! i assume the material is similar to the current LV Cup bags. very nice :yes:

    hope to see your new babies soon LMM! do we get prizes for correct guesses? :graucho:
  11. yes you get a an Exclusive MC desktop background:p
  12. I'll miss ya madly! Who will I stay up all night chattering to every night?? lol
    Have fun moving. Hate it's to a terrible LV-less place like me! In the boonies I tell ya!
    Thanks for the keepall pic -that's hot.
    Hurry back!
  13. lol I know that's what I get for making fun of you for not having an LV lol but I guess it's good for my wallet but it will be dangerous when I do visit a boutique:lol:
  14. It sometimes make it worse for me cause I constantly surf Eluxury. It's much easier to be tempted to buy online than in a boutique for me! But you like hard to get LE stuff so it might slow you down some. lol
  15. Good luck with the move latinmalemodel, and we all look forward to seeing your new purchases!!!!
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