Im going NUTS..Dr Q Groovee...Tan, Chocolate, or Burgundy?

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  1. I like the tan a lot...but the chocolate is cute too. But the chocolate is almost black and I have too many black bags. Then theres the Burgundy..but I just bought a Teri in Im thinking too much burgundy going on in my going nuts. I want to buy the bag NOW but I need help making up my mind! Help!
  2. Go with tan.. seems like you like that color. Sounds like you don't want any more brown or burgundy in your collection. Go with something different.
  3. Thanks Thithi...but out of curiousity...what color do you like the most? You have great taste, and I would love to know what you think
  4. Lol.... I would go with the burgundy color. I like colored bags more than I do neutrals. My wardrobe consists of a lot of neutrals so I need my accessories to provide color.
  5. it sounds as if you've already chosen tan! i understand your predicament though. it's such a beautiful bag and all the colors are gorgeous.

    i was deciding between the tan and the bordeaux myself, but i already have the turnlock bowler in a very similar color as well as a whiskey paddington. it sounds like you need this color in your bag collection. plus, if you order it from Shopbop, you'll get free shipping and no taxes...unless you're from wisconsin. let us know which one you pick!
  6. I don't know if it is the lighting, but the Tan looks a bit orange to me. I would choose the burgundy color. Good luck!
  7. I'm a fan of the tan bag. I just love that color of leather.
  8. I really like the Tan but I don't think you can go wrong with any of the colors.
  9. I would say tan since the color is lighter which shows the detail of the bag more. Let us know what you decided on.
  10. This is how I feel too. The bordeaux is darker than the cordovan color. I think it is an unusual color.

    My next choice is the tan. I think the chocolate is too dark. Sounds lke you don't have a tan bag so this may be a good fit for that hole in your bag collection.
  11. The tan is a very nice luggage-y brown color in person.

    Very pretty. and would probably be a classic in your collection. ;)
  12. Ah that's a BIG relief! I want to save my money and buy my first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, is it weird to think that I feel that this could be the one?! I've been waiting two years for a bag like this!
  13. Nah... the quality on this bag is a good jumping off point on your MJ journey. ;)

    Be prepared for addiction. hehehe
  14. YAYYYYYY I got it from Shopbop!

    its the nice tan one! I just couldnt do the chocolate b/c its so close to black...and the burgundy i could only find at Nordies. I didnt want to pay all that tax and shipping and in all honesty the nice tan is a beautiful deep luggagey color, that I feel is more versatile than the burgundy