I'm going non-Tiffany. *gasp*

  1. As a girl whose jewelry collection is 95% Tiffany (save for a few LV items and a David Yurman), I'm starting to feel tempted to look elsewhere for my next diamond ring. I have a gorgeous, generously sized Tiffany round brilliant solitaire and I have no plans to upgrade.

    However, I've started to discuss my next diamond ring with my hubby (:heart:), which I want to be a complete departure from a Tiffany solitaire. That is, a massive center stone, tapered side stones, engraving, and an overall antique look. I also want a fancy square shape - the princess or asscher. Perhaps emerald cut, but I'm leaning towards the former two.

    I don't want stones all the way around, and I want the focus to be on the center stone -- I'm thinking about 3-4 carats and a tapering down the side...no "sticking out" stones! I suppose I am really looking for another engagement ring! :graucho:

    So far I've found some interesting settings by Ritani
    ...the Romantique with engravings of leaves. I looked at other sites like Diamond.com and Bluenile.com, but they only had stones I liked, not settings.

    So I'm asking you a favor...for a girl who has had eyes for only Tiffany so far and no experience looking in diamond districts, where can I find an exquisite antique setting that can be paired with a big center stone? :smile: Online vendors, Chicago vendors, anything you've got.

    Pictures would be great too -- vendors, or your ring. Thanks!!!!!

  2. I applaud you for looking else where!! I only wish I could give you my jewlers number in Chicago...I loved him so and he did such wonderful work for us. (he recently passed at 42 years old) it was heart breaking. I still have not found someone to fill his shoes. (friendship wise or other!) we could take a pic of a designer piece and he would find the diamonds and make exactly what we wanted at fantastic prices. I do have some info I could pm you.
  3. He made my ring for me and I LOVE IT. Its set low and I love the detail.
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 065.jpg Michelles Camp La Jolla 066.jpg Michelles Camp La Jolla 068.jpg Michelles Camp La Jolla 067.jpg
  4. Your ring is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! It has almost every element I'm looking for!!!! The milgrain and engraving are exquisite, and the halo is stunning.

    I would get halo again, but I'm just staying away from halos this time because I already have an aquamarine Legacy ring (halo "cushion" cut).

    I would appreciate a PM about vendors in Chicago.
  5. ^ Sunshine, that is gorgeous! I love how there are yellow diamonds (?) on two 'sides'! Love it!

    To the OP, good luck in finding the ring of your dreams! I love Ritani settings too! When I think of delicate engravings, I also think of Tacori.
  6. Get yourself a gorgeous stone through Goodoldgold.com and have Leon Mege make you a setting.

    Leon's site is artofplatinum.com I think. TO DIE FOR.
  7. ^ YES YES YES! Leon Mege is awesome... love his claw prongs!
  8. Oh Wow.
  9. Definitely check out Pricescope, and I agree about Leon - there is definitely a "cult" (in a good way) of Leon over at Pricescope. You can do a search and see some of the fabulous rings that he's created - totally beautiful.

    I think I might upgrade my setting through him in a few years.
  10. Thanks for the advice, everybody. I've signed up for Pricescope and I'm going to do my research. :smile:
  11. I would NEVER ever pay those prices!! LOL NO WAY!!! But then again, Gorgeous stuff though.
  12. Congrats and happy hunting! I sooo wish I could be of assistance but, the ladies here seem to have it well in hand! Keep us posted!