I'm going MANCRAZY!!!

  1. Someone please tell me the tacky jokes don't matter, and probably no one will notice them unless they're real cloooose! Or I could carry it the other way where the jokes don't show, haha.


    *sigh* I just love the design and SA says I need to decide soon!
  2. ^^ I like the look of it too but decided it is a tad OTT even for my taste...so I passed on w/l for it ...I imagine it will be stunning IRL:yes:
  3. Or I could tie a bandeau over it to detract attention, hah...
  4. wow, its goregeous, i think you should get it, by the way, how much is it?
  5. Orodruin, I think it looks amazing... yeah the jokes aren't exactly cute... but who cares, that bag is HOT! I say go for it... and if you don't like it in person when it comes out, then pass on it! :smile:
  6. I hated it at first but now I love it!! Go for it :biggrin:
  7. the color is lovely....too bad for me, I am not suppose to like any LV's for the next 11MO.
  8. I don't like it. Sorry.....I hate the jokes. It's just strange to me.
  9. I actually love that bag except for the joke --- yes, perhaps you can "hide" the joke with a nice bandeau/scarf or something. LOL Otherwise, it is a gorgeous bag!!
  10. I'm so sorry hon, but the jokes are just too much IMO. Why, oh why couldn't they have just left that one detail out? If you're at all hesistant about it, please leave it at the boutique. No use in spending so much if you're not 100% comfortable with it.
  11. the jokes are what it makes unique! go for it, and if you decided to part with it afterwards, you can sell it without no problem i guess cuz it's ltd
  12. I think the bag is pretty but I really don't like the jokes either, sorry....
  13. I appreciate your comments everyone! Sometimes I just need to rein in some impulsive desires...
    I've been good! I've already turned down the miroir hearts, hah.
  14. I find the jokes to be too tacky, sorry JMO..
  15. I hated the jokes at first, but after doing some research on Richard Prince's artwork they make more sense to me, if that makes sense! LOL! There is a spread in a decorating/design/architecture magazine right now and it features Marc Jacobs home and he has a really funny piece of Richard Prince artwork featuring jokes. I need to make up my mind soon as well, but it is a tough choice for me! I thought I would just hate them and that this opinion would never change but now I am not so sure...