Im going for a colposcopy this afternoon.

  1. :sad: About a week and a half ago I was notified that I had an abnormal pap smear, and was scheduled for this procedure, where they look up there with a special magnifier and put stuff on your cervix to show abnormal cells. Im not nervous about that part, but they said if they find anything there going to biopsy it right then, which will probably hurt Im SO SCARED!!
  2. So sorry that you have to go through that! I hope all goes well!
  3. Hey, sorry to hear about this. I've had this done also, when I was 5 months pregnant. It really isn't too bad and since then for the last 4 years my paps have all been normal. It's a definite positive step to take to protect yourself and it is super simple to have done. Hugs!!

    As far as the biopsy goes, that I've had done too and it just feels like cramping, not very bad though. It's a nervewracking procedure just because of where it is and the concerns for the outcome. It will be fine and I swear it wasn't very painful and I have an extremely low threshold of pain and I made it through just fine. At the most I would say it is mildly uncomfortable.
  4. leeann, please don't be scared, this is not bad at all!

    I had this done a few years ago, and can't remember feeling any pain, just a slight discomfort when they scrape your cervix for a sample. It can actually be quite interesting, you can watch your insides being poked on a screen in front of you, not really my thing, too squeamish:yucky:, but you might find it fascinating...So relax, no big deal and it's great to be able to keep a check on it all. My pap smears went back to normal after this, good luck!:smile:
  5. thank you guys! :smile:
  6. leeann, how did it go?:smile:
  7. It went OK, it wasnt as painful as I anticipated. I had some mild cramping, but that was it, the doc said that there was one spot that looked suspicious, so they snipped it and sent it for a biopsy. I should know more next week, thank you guys for your concern and words of reassurance.:smile:
  8. Good luck...Ive been there.....
  9. leann, don't be scared you will be fine.

    This has happened to me twice, and it didn't turn out to be all that bad. All I remember was a pinch and some cramping. Don't make yourself sick with worry!
  10. The colposcopy is actually the biopsy. The remove a cone shaped piece of your cervix. They use a solution of, believe it or not, white vinegar on the cervix which will show wear any lesions are, (it makes the lesions, ect turn white so they can see them)then they do the removal at that site.I have had several due to abnormal paps. Thankfully I havent had a recurrence in about 10 years. I hope all goes well.:heart:
  11. I need to correct my own post, its a cone biopsy that I should have said. sorry...
  12. Glad it's all over leeann, hope all is well next week!
  13. I had this done once a few years back and it was no big deal. the doctor actually "froze" the cells in question and that was that. the most uncomfortable thing about the whole procedure was the fact that the doctor invited a new medical student into the room and they were both looking down my nether region with a magnifier and the doc was explaining things to him. I felt like a side of beef ready to be butchered. the doctor didn't even ask my permission. the whole time I'm thinking, what if this guy decides he doesn't want to be a gynocologist afterall? my luck I would have run into him in a club somewhere - he was just a kid! "Hi remember me? No? Well let me just drop my drawers and stand on my head and see if that doesn't jog your memory."
  14. I hope everything turns out okay leeann! *HUGS*
  15. Glad to hear it went well. I am sure you'll be fine. Good luck next week!