I'm going crazy, help me pick my FIRST 2007 bag

  1. I'm craving rolled handles. Throw me some options lol
  2. Saleya, Alma, Speedy, Lockit
  3. Ok, what do you have already. I love the Speedy Handles. They are so nice. And an Alma in Mono or MC. Maybe you have these already though? :smile:
  4. Duomo! i :heart: the Duomo!
  5. i'm going with sandra's vote... duomo!
  6. yep. :yes:
  7. I like lockit...
  8. hmm i HAD a mono speedy but i never ever used it. my best friend has a duomo so... that's a no go. right now i'm stuck b/w the mc speedy, trouville, jasmin, and the graffiti alma... if i can find a very very new one
  9. Another vote for Lockit!!
  10. Graffiti Alma! I'm always a sucker for LEs when I see them on the streets!
  11. Is the Duomo about the same size as the Speedy 30 or is it bigger?
  12. I vote for the jasmin !
  13. the duomo is bigger.
  14. actually it's more or less the same size :yes:; according to eLuxury, the Speedy 30 is 12" x 8" and the Duomo is 12.6" x 7.5"
  15. Awww! you are torturing me!!! lol how can you possibly make me choose amongst all these LV-lovelies?!?!?! You gotta narrow down your selection! lol

    hmmm well let's see....
    Multicolore: priscilla, speedy 30, audra
    Azur: Pampelonne PM (kinda like rolled handles), speedy
    epi: too many to choose lol
    Mono: speedy, manhattan