Im going CRAZY!!! Help me find my next dream bag!!! POLL


Stop me from going crazy! Choose my next bag! xx

  1. Vernis Reade ~ Noisette or Pomme

  2. Mc Trouville

  3. Mono Trouville

  4. Manhattan PM

  5. Azur speedy!

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  1. Sorry if im driving everyone mad! But need to vent my frustration! And my families getting sick of me going on about 'your stupid bag' lol!

    Please vote in the poll, and pretty please give your reasons!

    1~ Reade, pretty and sweet!
    2~ MC trouville Love the classic twist! And first mc piece! (colour?)
    3~ Mono trouville, CLASSIC!!!
    4~ Manhattan PM, more money but drop dead gorgeous!
    5~ Azur speedy 25, i love my damier to pieces!

    Also if i get a less expensive piece I can get a scarf or accessory:yes: Im loving the mc keyholder, or LVoe scarf!

    Thanks everyone! :heart: Luva! xx
  2. I choose Azur Speedy... It is so cute and fresh for summer time. I also love all damier to pieces.
  3. manhattan pm! it's on my wishlist.

    i have an azur speedy, and i love this bag too... great for summer!
  4. SO, I voted for the Reade and I was especially thinking about the Pomme color -- the bag is super cute and the color is so gorgeous. My only concern with the Reade is the open top (I would be concerned about things falling out or people just taking stuff out of the bag)

    However, I also like the Trouville -- both in MC and in Mono. I think that the Mono looks classic and simple, but I also like the MC one (which is saying a lot because I don't really care for MC). IN the MC trouville, I like the black color -- then the LVs pop against the black background and it still looks a little more dressed up for night.

    Good luck on finding the next great bag!
  5. manhattan pm!!!

    one of my most FAV bag ever!!!!!:heart: ;)
  6. Azur Speedy! It's so refreshing to have a piece of Azur in my collection. Pluse it allow u more funds for scarf, inclusion, key holder etc. :graucho: :devil:
  7. I would either go for Manhattan PM, Azur speedy 25 with LVoe bandeau and maybe a small pomme accessory (like cles or ludlow), or Mono Trouville w/ new Mono Eugenie (sp?) wallet. Sorry I'm no help! I love them all!
  8. I voted for manhattan pm. If that's not a dream bag then I don't know what is.
  9. I voted for Mono Trouville. Saw a woman carrying one this morning and almost crashed my car. Love that bag!
  10. Manhattan PM - I can not tell you how cute I think that bag is. The price makes me cringe (must ALL the bags I fall in love with be over $1k :rolleyes:). But it is totally worth it. Classic mono, gorgeous shape, shiny buckles, and able to be dressed up or worn casually.
  11. Vernis reade!!! Or mc trouville!!! Lovin the vernis go for it!
    I'm going crazy now cus you said they have a numbus :nuts:
    Good luck!
  12. thanks everyone! Keep your suggestions coming!!! xx

    Kaiie: If you get it i will be suprised... I dunno, just soo dissapointed! Like I cant believe I could get it if i wanted but it was just meh xx You will prob love it though! xx
  13. ^^ I probs wont i want a zippy wallet or a cles Still havent got one :sad: i just want to try it on it looks smushy LOL.
    But yea i want my dior ring & a Cles!!:hysteric:

    P.s Get the vernis!!! :yahoo:
  14. manhattan PM or the azur speedy.
    i love both!
  15. MC Trouville all the way baby!!!