I'm going Chanel crazy! tomorrow is the day

  1. I am going to buy one - I'm all over the place with what I want and more importantly what I can get - I like casual, not formal - can I have few suggestions from those of you who know the line well? Something big, black,casual, yet classic - Is that asking too much? TIA a million times!!!!!
  2. how about the Medallion Tote???? Gorgeous bag!!! Classic, clean, and amaaaaazing!
  3. I didn't chime in earlier, but I would go with cabas. Trend issue aside, I think it's a great casual bag.
  4. How about the black caviar classic jumbo? I think the new chain makes it look more casual, plus the size adds to the casualness (is that even a word?).
  5. I would go for a jumbo classic flap....that's a classic!:yes:
  6. Black jumbo with silver hw (more classic) or cabas (more casual).
  7. something from the cambon line, medallion tote or how abou the modern chain tote?
  8. I like the idea of the medalion tote or cabas as well, but how about the expandable flap? Kind of edgy and casual, but with the classic quilting and appeal, and it's certainly big and holds a lot. And I like the leather top strap as well.
  9. There are so many bags to choose from. I say the CABAS or Cotton Club.
  10. Well...ANY CHanel would be fab!!! You have to decide how you're going to use it...what your needs are...how 'hard' you are on your bags...Do you like flap..top zip..etc....What are you going to be carrying in it? Will you be carrying it everyday? I need some more details before I give you my opinion....will check back later..
  11. I'll be using it frequently, I'm careful with my bags, I carry a lot of stuff and like plenty of room, prefer a zip top but would consider flap, like a big bag but do not want to drop 2 grand on a trend. Thanks for your help.
  12. I vote for Cotton Club, more casual but not too trendy . . have fun deciding! and post pix please :smile:
  13. Suzy, for Miami the GST in white or beige is gorgeous, so is the jumbo in white, black, etc., I am inquiring about a shopper that is perforated which comes in white or black and is great for our area.
  14. Def a GST or medallion tote fits your bill.
  15. As everyone knows by now...I am a big GST fan.:yahoo:

    My vote is a GST!!!