i'm going cabas crazy! heeelp!

  1. i know that the cabas is now a really rare find, and my only option now is pretty much eBay, but i refuse to shop on eBay. i've called the 1800 number, including 3 stores in Canada, and even one in Australia. No luck.

    When i asked about the new cabas for the fall i got a ton of mixed answers. Some said yes they were coming out with new ones. Some said no, that was the end of the cabas.

    Now then, I wanted the vinyl, but i really dont mind leather. But it has to be the original, the baby is wayyyy to small for me.

    If ANYONE and i mean ANYONE, knows of ANYWHERE that has an original cabas, in either caviar leather (black or brown) or vinyl...


    PM me. Thank you sooo much!
  2. Wow!! you make me going cabas crazy too...lol... Anyway, for this bag, you can't avoid eBay or consignment shops which there's high risk of getting fake. Good luck.
  3. Saks in Chevy chase has a vinyl cabas (as of noon today) 301-657-9000 x5355
    Ask for Shaymus in designer handbags.

  4. i called this morning, within 5 minutes of the store opening.

    someone called in and got it last night.

    thanks anyways.

    if anyone knows ANYWHERE Else that has one, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! PRIVATE MESSAGE ME! thank you!
  5. Sorry!
  6. haha it's okay! if you happen to find anymore, or if you talk to shaymus and he knows someone who does, def PM me!
  7. Hello,
    You know that the "baby cabas" style comes in the LARGE size thats the same size as the original with the CC's on it. You might want to call some NM to see if they have it.

  8. realllly? do you know of any NM that do?