I'm going blond and cutting my hair short!

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  1. I can't wait, tomorrow I have a appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair cut quite short, it has always been short layers but I let it grow out for a few months every now and then (thinking I will grow it to a blunt cut...:nuts: ).
    Then I had it colored dark brown-UGH----not a good luck with my blue eyes and light skin tone. So I am getting it colored blond blond.......:yahoo: . This is the best look for me and I feel good with it so I am going back to it. Think of the short layered look Sharon Stone used to have, a bit messy but cool. I am not one to have the perfect part and really like more of a scrunched look.

    So is anyone here doing some big change for the holidays/New Year?:yahoo:
  2. You sound like my long lost twin!! I had the "Sharon Stone cut" for the last 5 years or so. Short, spiky, blond & messy. It was the best haircut & I always got compliments. I also go through my stages of growing it out, cutting it again. Right now I'm growing it out into a bob but inevitably, I'll end up short again!

    Please post pics when you get back from the stylist. It will look FAB! I just might get jealous & cut mine back off again:P Have fun!
  3. Good lucK!!
  4. post before and after pics!! i love seeing what a new 'do can do for people!
  5. ^^^yeah that.
  6. I went the other way -- I have been slowly going less blonde over the last few visits and this is the pic that I brought in with me last night:


    My hair is still longer than that, my stylist does not like to do a drastic color change and cut at once, but I will be getting that haircut in January.
  7. Good luck w/ your new do. I'm currently pretty blonde and going to be going back to my roots (dark brown). I can't wait. Nothing like new hair to perk you up. Please post pics. I bet it'll look great.
  8. Yes! That look rocks! I had it in my early 20s but found that getting my hair cut every 4-5 weeks was seriously cramping my style. I got a tonne of compliments on it - in fact I still had it when I got married at 26.

    Post pix when you get it done... good luck!
  9. I am a natural brunette, and then I had my hair cut shorter and I went blond a few years ago, but then I went back to a brown shade about a year later. It's fun changing your hair color!! Good luck!
  10. How did it go??
  11. I went and got my hair cut last night and it came out better than I thought it would (that sounds kind of vain) because my stylist is really the best in cutting my hair. I showed her a new pictue and she cut it perfect......I was so happy. It was a bit shorter than I usually had in the past but looks much better shorter. Especially the way she did the bangs. I did not get to color it yet. My daughter was not feeling well when we were at dinner last night, then we rushed to the salon and she really didn't seem her happy self. I didn't get it colored last night.

    Funny story this family came in for haircuts while we were there and this girl about 13 years old with hair about 5 inches below her shoulders starts talking to me and she tells me she wants her hair cut really short. I ask "how short do you want it" and she is saying "I want the ends and back shaved short:confused1:
    I want to be able to spike it up", her mother looks very unhappy with this. She is saying she wants it shorter than mine....so I explain to her how I can wear my hair spiked by crunching it up or doing more of a cropped pixie flat to the head look (which I had last night). I showed her the picture I brought in for the cut and she is saying she wants the same cut. So I wondered how her hair turned out. I was surprised that she wanted such a drastic change at her age and hope she was happy with her cut.
    I will try to post pictures once I find my camera.