i'm going a-travellin' =)

  1. Now that the AC mini city is going back, I get to think about myself again. I took pics of AC, but haven't loaded them on my comp yet, btw.

    Within the next few months, I'm going to Minnesota (5 days), Vegas (2 days) and Yosemite (3.5 days). Is there a bag that is versatile and yet good-looking enough to accomplish my needs for all three?
    I usually use a sports duffle bag, but I'm getting tired of the adidas logo and tired of lugging it around on my shoulder because a duffle can be pretty unweildy.

    I'll probably start browsing online and post some ideas for comments, but I'm genuinely clueless as to what would can work for all three. Should I just go to a luggage store? I can hit one up at the Carlsbad outlet this weekend...
  2. Where in Minnesota will you be visiting? I'm a native CA girl, but have been living here in MN for the last 12 years. You could always buy bags along they way, that way you will have memories from your travels:yes:
  3. I accidentally closed the browser when I was posting a reply, and now I don't want to start all over. :cursing: ha

    Anyway, the general points were - i loved the idea and price point of the Steve Strapped For Cash Tote (the name is perfect for me). lol But it's too small. Went to the Samsonite outlet and had no luck finding the perfect weekender bag. Everything else online was too expensive -- e.g. Tusting Explorer Bag - Small: Longchamp Handbags, Barbour Clothing, Swiss Army, fine jewelry – Magnums.net

    just looks ideal, with long handles, simple design, and supposed kick-ass durability. but of course, it has to be over $500. life is unfair. i just don't think i can hang around here anymore! all these beautiful things: house or stuff, house of stuff. naturally, i need to buy my house first! darn!

    anyway, on a brighter note! i'm going to MN to visit and spoil my nephew. Isn't he cuuuute?! That's me, showing him the stairs... He's turning 2, and his mom is expecting his little sister. I'm excited~ My relatives (well, BF's older brother's family) moved to a suburb of Minneapolis about 2 years ago. Can't wait to get Caribou coffee and shop around the biggest mall in America! :yahoo:

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  4. HOW CUTE! I clicked on the link and saw that the 9528 Trenino has a really cool shape. I totally forgot about LeSportSac, and never considered Tokidoki. I think I'll check it out IRL - think I've seen the Adios Star at Macy's at Fashion Valley. =)
  5. I checked out the link - thank you so much, btw! - and the bag is too small.

    What I need is something that'll be able to fit 2 pairs of shoes, 2 outfits, pj's, toiletries, and some misc. I'm going to check out LeSportSac; the travel bags seem like a good fit for me now. *crossing fingers that it's on sale* hehee

    But I really, really appreciate the recommendations! I esp liked the Steven Strapped For Cash Tote. =)
  6. What about Longchamps totes from the Le Pliages line?
  7. I was looking for the exact same thing, and I ended up with the Coach Hamptons Weekend tote in black. It's super cute, light-weight, perfect size, etc., and the price was right. I wasn't planning on Coach, but it was the best deal I could find, and I am glad I got it. Also, it is easy to clean inside and out, and weather can't touch it!