I'm Glad TPF's Back So I Can Share My News: 3rd Visit to LV is the Lucky Charm!

  1. Last month I posted my disappointment with the treatment I’d received at an LV boutique in Saks-Polaris Mall (Columbus, Ohio). The first time, I’d been completely ignored and the second time, I purposely dressed better and carried a Borneo Green Epi Speedy 25 and wore my inclusion bracelet. Unfortunately I was treated rudely the second time as well. Just so you can get a better understanding of this latest experience, here’s my original post: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/second-trip-to-lv-i-need-pep-talk-193080.html

    Needless to say I’d been very down. I’d decided that from now on I would just buy from eLux or call 866 if I was just really dieing for something. But a week and a half ago I found out I was going to be sent to Indianapolis for a few days for some training. One night I decided to see if LV had any boutiques in that area and found one in Saks in The Fashion Mall. I went back and forth about it but finally decided to give LV one more chance in person. So…

    I arrived in Indianapolis around 3:15 pm. I checked into my hotel, hung up my clothes and was off again. The mall was only about 15 minutes from my hotel. With it being a Monday (and a few days before a giant Saks sale, as I was informed by the Chanel SA) the mall was very quiet and uncrowded. I browsed the other handbags for a while…then braved it up and stepped on into LV.

    I had THE BEST TIME!!! The SA, a young man named Tony, greeted me with a huge smile. I immediately went over to the Mahina. They had the XL in black and the XXL in grey. They were absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! He let me try on the black. Oh GAWD, I almost gave him my credit card and said “Do what you must!”…but then I quickly came back to reality. I needed to exchange a belt at the Coach store so I told him I needed to take care of business first so I could take my time. He said he’d pull out all their inclusion pieces for me in the meantime.

    When I came back he had a rainbow of inclusion pm bracelets out and a couple of the Speedy keychains. I already have Transparent so I tried on Amarante and Black….decided on the black. I picked out a really cute keychain that looked stunning on my Damier Azur Speedy 25…and that would also look equally striking on the Ebone Damier (I have both). Then we played with some bags. I tried on the Saleya PM and MM and the Hampstead MM. They didn’t have any Mirage Speedy’s (good thing cause I probably would’ve bought one!), I also tried on the Trevi (GM…they didn’t have PM) which was too big. They had some cruise stuff but it's not really my style. I played with the Palermo (both sizes) too. I told him I wasn’t sure and then instead of pressuring me he said the most amazing thing: “Well why don’t I hold the Hampstead for you since it’s the last one…and since you’re here til Thursday you can think about it some more and come back if you decide to get it” Are you kidding me?!?!

    So that’s when I just had to thank him for everything. I told him how I’d been treated in the Columbus LV and he apologized for that. I told him that I almost didn’t come in but decided to give another store a chance. It really just made my whole trip! I can’t tell you how good it felt! I probably spent about 40 minutes in the store….and loved every minute of it!!! So anyhoo….I just got the black inclusion pm bracelet that day. I went back to my hotel to browse the site and planned on going back again before I left. I liked the Hampstead MM but wasn't 100% on it. I did some soul searching and decided I wanted the Trevi PM. I called back 10 mins before they closed and the SA told me there were only 17 in the whole country right now and she doubted any store would give up theirs so that I could take it home before I left on Thursday. Then I did some more brainstorming and had an epiphany!!!

    The next day I went to a different mall which was a complete bust so I headed back to Saks. I picked up their last groom cles and also submitted a request for a special order. If it’s approved, I’ll let you guys know what it is….I’m so freakin excited! :yahoo: I'll post pics of my cles and inclusion bracelet when I get back to Ohio :supacool:
  2. Here's pics of my bracelet and cles. Sorry they're not the greatest. All I have is my iphone and I haven't mastered picture taking yet. :p
    BlackInclusion.jpg GroomCles.jpg
  3. wow, congrats! I'm so glad to hear you had a better experience...and I can't wait to hear what that SO is...I hope it gets approved! Congrats again!
  4. I'm glad that you were better served this time around! It is so great to have someone helping you that TRULY enjoys what they are doing; it really makes all the difference in the world!
    Congrats on your new pieces!
  5. I am so glad this time was a million times better. Congrats on your new goodies.
  6. Congrats!!! I'm so glad that you got the treatment you deserve!!!!
  7. wow, congrats!! i'm so happy for you!!! and the groom cles is so cute! :tup:
  8. congrats! glad you had a nice experience w/ LV the next time around.
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Now I'm just impatiently awaiting the decision on my special order. The SA said I should know by tomorrow or Monday. Does anyone know how long it generally takes to get a yes/no on a special order?
  10. Congrats on your purchases! I'm anxious to hear what what you SO request is. Question, is the Mahina XXL really, really big? I haven't seen that one IRL and have been curious about it.
  11. congrats, nice purchases
  12. Well, I thought the XL was really, really big so the XXL was like :wtf:. But if I had that kind of money I would've bought the XL and just had a bunch of extra space. That is one of the greatest bags I have ever laid eyes on. Maybe if it's a huge hit (well I guess it already is!) they'll come out with an L or M later on? lol I can wish. :love:
  13. I am so happy that you had a great time. I can't wait to hear what you special ordered. Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous goodies :heart: and it heartens me to hear that you had a good positive sales experience which is what you should expect but it must have taken so much courage after two bad runins :flowers: Cant wait to hear about your special order :yahoo:
  15. I'm so glad that you had a great time!
    Can't wait to hear what your SO is!