I'm glad I got all the RM Bags I wanted....

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  1. Because we just placed an order for a swimming pool this morning...:yahoo:(I think:nuts:)

    So, I am done for a while! But at least I got them ALL!
  2. I love everything in your collection! They're what I would want in my collection also, well except for the teal. (I LOVE the color, but not the texture.). Congrats on your pool!
  3. Congrats!! I would **love** to have a swimming pool, its a great investment!!
  4. Fun!
  5. Wait, the "swimming pool" is the Pool colour right? (for some reason I am doubting did you mean an actual pool?) lol sorry I am having a "dumb brunette" morning here hahaha!

    If so, then you'd love the pool colour (I have one in Nikki). At first glance I wasn't sure if this colour would work for me...after a few days of use, I find it "abormally" match almost everything I wear hahaha..and it is a true swimming pool (cholrine water haha)!!
  6. Great collection! I miss our swimming pool (especially in this sweltering TX weather) :sad:
  7. well honeslty i think having a pool is way more fun than an RM bag! (don't throw rocks!)

    We wanted a pool but the 50K price tag isn't going to work for us right now! POOH!
  8. Ouch on that price! We're going about half of that.
    Alabama dictates a pool for us... Hot dammit hot!
    My young (55) DH had a stroke 2 years ago & he has
    discovered that a pool is excellent form of exercise for him.
    He cannot handle heat anymore. And this from a man who
    sweated for 35 years on his job!
  9. Are we getting to see some collection pics here soon :graucho:
  10. Yay for a pool! I live in AL too, so maybe I can stop by for a dip. :P You have a great collection!
  11. You'll love your new pool. I just wish we got a longer season to use mine. I try to swim at least 30 minutes each and every day it's feasible. Which here in Mich. means late June through the 2nd week of Sept...maybe if you're lucky. Luckily, ours came with our house....don't know if we would have done something like that if we had pay up front!! One of the best parts is you don't have to over clorinate like at public pools. Not quite like the spa pool in Desert Valley (hot spring fed) but much better than the Y. Just one word of advice watch your hair- if you color- I just had to have a severe correcting as my hair was nearly white in parts from the sun! So enjoy both your bags and your Pool.
  12. Sorry, this goes in General discussion as it doesn't have anything to do with RM bags!
  13. Sorry Megs.
    Beemer, where in Bama are you?
    I am near Montgomery.
  14. Congrats on the pool! I love my pool, I go in it just about everyday. Its great exercise, unless you just float on the top and tan lol.
  15. OOPS sorry Megs! I just couldn't resist chatting about something I really enjoy and know something about!! Sorry again....:oh::sweatdrop: