I'm giddy! My very first Chloe has arrived!! pics of my new Tekla in brown

  1. Thanks so much to Cat who passed on the awesome deal from Saks.

    I can't believe how soft this leather is. I'll definitely use it for work, and might also use it as a baby bag. My 15" Macbook pro fits perfectly. I don't know how often I'll be carrying it though, as I worry about the sturdiness of the leather.

    There are already lots of pictures on this board, but I thought I would post some of me wearing it. Excuse the outfit, I had already changed out of my work clothes.

    Over the shoulder:

    Cross body from the side

    Cross body from the front

    And just to get a better idea of the color:
  2. it's beautiful!! thanks for sharing the modeling pics! it looks like a hot work bag - i'd put documents and such in it, i don't know about a laptop 'cause i'd be scared to rip the bag... but the pics are gorgeous!
  3. It looks fantastic on you! I would be afraid to put my laptop in the bag too, the leather might rip and more importantly, my laptop will drop, yikes!
  4. Congratulations --it looks great on you. I have this one in Burgandy and I love it. Took it on a trip and put lots in it and it held up well. Great bag!!
  5. Nice Bag! I love the leather, so soft~~
  6. What a great bag--congrats!!
  7. :tup:You look wonderful, congrats. Way to go girl:tup:
  8. yay!!!
    this makes me even more excited to receive mine!
    it's such a good size...would be a perfect school bag. and looks so good on you :smile:
  9. Angela... That is SOOO cute! :smile:
  10. pretty color, congrats! ;)
  11. Congrats! Does look like a great laptop bag!
  12. :nuts: CONGRATS!!! It looks good on you... NICE!!!
  13. Congrats!It looks great,glad I could help you out,enjoy.
  14. Love it!!
  15. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I'm crazy about it--I can't stop petting the leather on this bag.

    llson--burgundy sounds gorgeous. how much did you pack in your bag? I'm trying to figure out how much weight the bag can take