I'm getting worried............

  1. I won a coach hobo on eBay 2 days ago and the seller AND paid right after the auction. I emailed her yesterday and today and still have yet to hear from her. I am getting worried.........not about her- my bag!
    In the auction the bag looks clearly brown but in the worded description it says it is black and white. ANd I just wanted to know which color thebag is ( I know, I should have asked BEFORE I won the auction)
    SHould I ask for a refund If I do not hear from her?
    thanks! Monica
  2. SHould I ask for a refund If I do not hear from her?

    It's been 48 hours. I would hold tight a bit longer. I hate to say it but if it says "black and white", Im thinking the seller shouldn't have to refund for that. It's hard to say without seeing the auction but based on what you have said, the seller didnt list it as brown (?)
  3. Boy, I think that if you weren't paying attention, you may be stuck with this- who knows, maybe it'll turn out you love the bag anyway!
  4. You really should ask questions before the end of the auction. She is not running a retail shop.
  5. BUT in my defense- in the pictures the bag looks CLEARLY brown! Not even close to being black. She might not be selling me the bag in the pix.
    And yes, I know it is not a retail shop- its eBay. That is why I am worried.
    I have not heard from her and I already paid. No shipping info, response, communication- nothing.
  6. What is the auction number?
  7. I wouldn't worry just yet. Some buyers just don't email winners. I think it's nice to make contact but it's not required.
  8. Does she sell a lot of Coach. She may have used the same auction and relisted similar without changing the wording and just changed the pictures. So the pictures are right and the wording is wrong.
  9. Done that before! Luckily I noticed before anyone bid or won the item I did it on! It was a "doh" moment. lol :smile:
  10. I'd sit tight for another day..people handle emails differently. You always have the option of calling. You go to my messages and click on the my messages button on the side. Then hit find and contact member. Then click on find contact information. These are all on the side in a box. Put in the seller's id and auction number and her phone number will be emailed to you. Yours will also be emailed to you.

    If the picture and description are different she should not hold you to the auction even if you did not ask a question. JMO