I'm getting this bag...please vote on color!

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  1. Oxblood...sooooo rich-looking.:drool:
  2. Oxblood or saffron, definitely.
  3. Saffron! Makes the design stand out more.
  4. Teak or Saffron
  5. i like the saffron..great pop of colour
  6. I like the oxblood best.
  7. If you live in a warm place, for every day use saffron would probably be the best choice (lovely color). Otherwise, I'd go for oxblood.
  8. Lol, you may be able to save 5 centers with saffron :P
  9. Thank you! (I'll get to why in a sec.)

    You want an opinion, I'll give you an opinion.:smile:

    Saffron. Except for this color it would be an otherwise non-descript bag from where I'm sitting. Of course I've never actually seen it and maybe it is loveable in any color.

    Now why I said thanks is that I am compiling a handbag collection thread, albeit slowly. My favorite summer bag is a SAK but I never heard of it before until now so I'll put it in my thread. ;) For all I knew it came from Stawberry's or some place like thAT!
  10. Oxblood and Saffron
  11. oxblood
  12. Oxblood looks great! :wlae:
  13. I like the oxblood.
  14. Saffron!
  15. Oxblood or black