I'm getting this bag...please vote on color!

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  1. Oxblood gets my vote.
  2. Another vote for oxblood. The leather looks the most luxurious in this color.
  3. Oxblood! Very beautiful and a very versatile and usable color.
  4. I'm so surprised no one likes teak! Too boring?
  5. I'd choose the oxblood.
  6. oxblood
  7. black
  8. I vote for Oxblood.
  9. teak
  10. I like the Teak!
  11. 1st choice: Teak
    2nd: Oxblood
    3rd: Black
  12. I vote for oxblood or teak.
  13. I think that the yellow mustardy color is going to be HOT for fall, so I'd go with that...
  14. Wow, I picked saffron or oxblood before I read the responses. Great taste everyone!
  15. definitely, Teak! :tup: