I'm getting the Muse, but what color? Red or Chocolate

  1. The red is a slightly deepened red, not a super bright red.
    Judging from all the posts the red doesn't seem to be that popular.
  2. Chocolate
  3. If you're a red type person, it's a really pretty red, IMO--not super bright cherry, but a nice sophisticated red with a lot of blue in it. Buy the color you like best--don't worry about what's popular or not. A while back, a tpf-er was looking for a red and having trouble finding one, so someone is buying them!
  4. i like chocolate. but if u have a pair of nice red pointed stilettos in the same colour, i picture it would turn some heads :smile:
  5. chocolate....
  6. The bag itself is so beautiful, but if I had to pick one from red and chocolate, I pick the red. But the bag looks great in any color, good luck.
  7. chocolate~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. The red must be beautiful...and unique! I think a lot of people have chocolate. Let us know what you decide!
  9. Chocolate.

    Red is more unique, but I think that the chocolate color is just more timeless and more versatile. You'll most likely be able to wear it with more IMHO.
  10. Red pops against darker colors so if you wear a lot of dark, I say GO RED! If you wear colors like blue, pink, green etc, colors that may clash with red, get the chocolate.

  11. Totally agree :smile: good point.
  12. I am a big fan of keeping bold color bags to smaller sizes but the red in the Muse is a beautiful deep red, not a flashy bright red. It is quite pretty.

    Having said that, I'd say chocolate just because you'll be able to wear it more often. The chocolate Muse is gorgeous!
  13. Go with CHOCOLATE!!!!
  14. I like the chocolate.
  15. chocolate....