im getting the itch again...

  1. Definitely not the satin one. Goodness, now I am tempted....
  2. I desperately need some clutches too but the ones on Gucci aren't perfect for me. Between the two I'd say [​IMG]
  3. I have not seen it was satin, sorry :sad:

    but I don´t rely like the other one, sorry :push:

    kavandoo what dos -tempted- means :confused1:.
  4. To tempt someone means to try and coax/convince/entice someone. Here's an example:

    Eg. Say I have a friend who is on a diet and she is trying not to eat cakes and chips. And I am trying to get her to eat some of the chocolate cake that I have. I am tempting her. So it means I am trying to get her to do something that she doesn't want to do.

    So when I say that I am tempted when I saw that clutch purse, it means that I know I shouldn't buy it but I am tempted to. Hope that helps! :smile:
  5. thanks, Kavnadoo, that with the cakes I understand :tup:
  6. see i have no idea what i want! the satin is so classy...and the other is just hot :sad: man i wish i knew what the insides looked like

  7. OMG im actually also thinking about getting the satin one. so i vote for this of course :yes:
    i think its totally gorgeous! i tried it on at the store and it fits perfectly into the palm. to me it looked as if it would hold quite much (for a clutch) though i didnt dare to put some things in it to check it out :smile:
  8. thats it im calling my guy tommrow and making sure these two are in stock for me to look at next weekend :smile: wohooo!

    which one which one....or should i not get any at alll??? i need to learn the concept of saving money

    but i dont want to

    what to do what to do

  9. I see what you mean by the classy and hot. Are you more of a contemporary girl or a classic girl? Which one are your going out/night/party/dinner outfits like? The satin is more formal I guess and the other is a club scene to me.
  10. Ps- I am not going to help you with the saving money concept unless I sense you are in trouble.
  11. definitely the 2nd one!
    it looks classic and so beautiful~

  12. i guess im a total clubbin type of girl, but i love the classyness of the satin one! I just called my SA at the dallas store and he said he'll gather a bunch of clutches for me before i come next weekend sooooooo ahhhhh

    btw HOW do you now im not in trouble huh huh huhhhhhhhhhhhh :p