I'm getting so sick of seeing fake bags!!!! (vent)

  1. Last night I went out shopping. ( I had my white XL YSL Muse ).
    I saw two girls, 1. with a really BAD fake Spy, bleach white white, with Zucca down the middle and 2. with a really bad White MC Suhali

    This morning I went for coffee (I had my 05 Black Balenciaga City) and two girls had
    1. a fake stam, didn't even have the chain, and had flat studs in the corners and by the zipper like a balenicaga
    2. a fake chloe, all of the hardware was TARNISHED and it was aqua blue :yucky:

    I HATE FAKES!!!!
    Had to vent with people who cared ;)
    My husband just laughs. But he can spot a fake now.
  2. I don't really mind them as much, it's just when people try to pass them off as real is what ticks me off.
  3. I always assume if people bother buying them, they want people to think they are real.
  4. I totally agree!!! Why would anyone buy a fake bag otherwise (if they like a design, there are a TON of inspired bags that don't carry the original brand logo).
  5. I've come across a few people who will admit to carrying fakes.
  6. omg it makes me sick

    when I encounter someone in a professional setting who has an obvious fake, it makes me question there overall professionalism, there sense of integrity?

    am i the only one
  7. ^ agreed.
    it's fraud really, the counterfeits are illegal.

    i also wonder how many of them were bought on ebay with the people thinking they were real.

    I think the thing that really annoys me is how fakes can devalue the real thing. I mean, I appreciate White MC LV's, but I could not buy one in this city because half of the girls aged 17-20 have really bad fake versions and they are everywhere. The white MC screams "phoney" to me now, and that's really not fair to the girls who've invested into the line.

    and the girl with the ugly white Spy yesterday really hit home, because I love my Spy so much, and she was swinging her's around like it was amazing (I'm aware of how shallow this sounds ;))
  8. Ugh that must be annoying :/ especially if they're showing off..
    Just giggle at her ;)
    I only see real here..rarely fakes.
  9. I cannot stand fakes, when I see one I just wonder if the person knows it a fake and how silly they look wearing it.
  10. I HATE HATE HATE fakes too:sad:
  11. I hate fakes tryin to look like reals. I hate fakes that are sold as reals. Sigh*... funny how some of us can just spot the fakes and others have no idea! :amuse:
  12. I see fakes everywhere now! I am sick of seeing them.
  13. i totally agree! theres this one girl in my class that is always sporting some sort of FAKE luxury bag..and to top it off, the girls in the class think that her bags are real! im so mad because ive told the girl next to me that i KNOW her bags aren't real..the LVs arent matching, no 5 studs, the lining is wrong.. the list goes on! its so strange..i have girls in my college wear a backpack and a handbag (mainly fakes) and i dont get it! i usually just have my backpack & whenever i need my handbag after school, its usually in my car..i guess some girls just like to show off their fakies.
  14. Its anybody's choice to carry fakes. But or me, I cannopt ring myself to buy fakes even if see them being sold at a nearby mall...in fact theres a lot of those fake stufss there- all CLASS A material

    LVs- Korean made- these are perfect knockoffs ( Korea is famous for this); China made LVs which are simply YUCK

    Chloes- they copied it even to the details of the lock but the inside oif the bag is cheap linen.

    Miumiu/prada - the new quilted ones

    Le sportsac- from the smallest to the biggest, they even have the tokinoki (sp?) japanese anime something- thats the newest design.

    Balenciagas- can be spotted as fake a mile away, leather too tough and too plain
  15. I can understand your frustration, but for me personally, I guess I have too many more important things to worry about than if someone is carrying a fake.