I'm Getting Scammed By EBAY And A Buyer. Am I Right Or Wrong Here?

  1. I am TOTALLY miffed here! Uggh :cursing:

    I recently sold a MK metallic gold bag to eBay buyer mydesires. Right away she said she loved the bag and it was in super shape! Well after 3 1/2 weeks she emails me & says she used it a few times & some stitching came undone and she wants her money back. HUH?? :wondering I said no way! I have no idea how you treat your bags. For all I know your teenage daughter may have used it. Well she filed a claim and eBay sided with her. WTH!?? :tdown::rant:

    So now I'm gonna receive my bag which SHE damaged or she's gonna switch it w/ another just like it! I am really upset about this. The bag was sold as used & "as is" What do these eBay ppl eat that makes them come to decisions like this?!! :mad:

    Then say says a $125 bag should not do this. Umm lady you ever owned a Guess bag? And BTW miss mydesires you got a $400 bag for $120!

    Any thoughts or facts will be greatly appreciated. TIA ;)
  2. I believe You are right! She should have inspected it when she first received it, and it any problems were evident, should have contacted you then--but 3 1/2 weeks later--no, that's wrong. And because you sold it "as is" and used, E-bay should have sided with you! The buyer probably decided she didn't like it, or wanted it for a reason ( big party) and is done with it. Sorry--can you appeal?
  3. I would call ebay and not tell them there is a case already opened concerning this situation. Tell the representative the story and see what they say. If they agree with you, tell them there is a case opened against you and see what they say. There is no way you should have to take that bag back. Her qualm is with MK, not you.
  4. Thats another thing I'm thinking. She just wanted to use it. And thanks. I will when the bag comes back to me. I got a feeling it won't be the same bag or she cut the stitching to make it look like it happened on its own. MK bags normally won't "fall appart"
  5. Good idea for next time. The case is opened & closed already. Hopefully she is crooked & messed up somewhere & I can send pics & appeal my case.
    Thanks so much for your reply. :smile:
  6. eBay really sided with her and there is no way to appeal? That seems so wrong. There should be some sort of time limit as 3 1/2 weeks of use to want to return, to me, is unacceptable. You did not make the bag and like you said who know what she did to it in the timeframe she had it.....I am seriously nervous to any selling on eBay anymore.
  7. Don't you have the email she sent when she first received it saying it was great?
  8. You can still file an appeal. What kind of supporting information did you submit? What did she say in her claim?
  9. As suggested above,would file an appeal.. you have nothing more to lose

    at this point so why not... & if you have her ebay message saying how much she

    liked it tht should help.. did she also leave you positive fb?? and since you describe

    in your lisiting AS IS..as is is as is... someone at ebay wasn't paying attention
  10. There is a time limit. It's 45 days from payment with PayPal. Any return policy dictated by the seller that is less than that is essentially meaningless in their eyes. I'd appeal but wait until you get the bag back and can examine it's condition. If she did in fact wear or damage it you'll have more ground to stand on.
  11. I hear ya! I'm so fed up with ebay and the unfair & crappy tactics. There may be an appeal if the bag comes back really mess up or if she switched bags. So I'm hoping!
  12. Yes ebay got all that info. It didn't matter. What really seems fishy is that she never left FB when she got the bag. It seems like this was all planned. KWIM?
  13. Really? I hope so. I'm gonna wait til I get the bag back & see the damage for myself. I requested pics and she never sent any. I mentioned the fact she had it that long & we have no idea how she treated the bag. Also that she was happy with it. Her claim was that a $123 bag should not start falling appart after a "few" uses.

    A friend mentioned that ebay ALWAYS sides with the buyers. No matter what the facts are. Totally not right.
  14. Thats what I'm gonna do. I wanna see the bag for myself because she never sent pics when I asked for them.
    Thanks :smile:
  15. Also NO she never left FB. That seems fishy. Like all this was planned.