I'm getting really Nervous!! C-section tomarrow!

  1. Ok I think I am going to lose my mind. I have been through this twice already, but I am getting more nervous by the minute! I don't think I'm going to sleep at all tonight! It's a good thing I go in early in the morning. It's already been a really rough year with the death of my brother, the stress of what if's is driving me nuts right now! I'm having seperation anxiety because my daughter is going to my moms for the week 200 miles away and I have never been away from her longer than overnight. Ok so DH is going to take me out to dinner tonight. Hopefully I will relax at least a little!
  2. Oohhhhh, congratulations!!! I bet the nervousness / excitement of knowing your baby will be here tomorrow is exciting...I wouldn't be able to get a wink of sleep either!!!!

    Wishing the best for you :heart:
  3. congrats as well! I just had a cs 9-27 and still recuperating. Sorry you're nervous but I'm sure you'll make it through just fine just like the other times.

    My prayers are with you and good luck!
  4. Oh congratulations! I would be soo excited too
  5. Of course you're nervous hon. I'm sending you hugs and wishing you the very best for tomorrow. Good luck.:heart:
  6. YEAH!!! Good for you!! Try and relax, eat something yummy, and try and rest up!! I hope everything goes great!
  7. Good luck, Have plenty of rest.
  8. Good luck and congratulations!
  9. Have a great dinner and try to get some sleep! How exciting that you'll get to see your little one tomorrow -- just keep looking forward to that!
  10. Good luck tomm and have an easy delivery. Please share the good news when you get a chance...
  11. Good luck!
  12. good luck and i am sure everything will turn out to be great! wish you a smooth delivery and speedy recovery :smile:
  13. Ooooo!! How exciting!! All the best and here's lots of hugs!
  14. take care and good luck!!!

    I would be nervous too, if it's my time for the CS next year. Actually, I am thinking about that already right now (and I am only 9wks preggo!). This will be my 2nd.. and even though I have been through my 1st CS, I am still scared and nervous going through it again... especially, now that I am going to a diff hospital (hubby got station OOC, so we have to see a diff doctor.. go to a diff hospital).

    Let us all know how it went..CONGRATULATIONS in advance on your new addition to your family. :smile:
  15. Good luck!! I hope your c-section goes well.