I'm getting out before I get burned...

  1. I've been selling my personal handbags on eBay for 4 years, but I'm getting out! I have had a great run, with the exception of my Manolos (got scammed by an Austrian thief 2yrs back). With all the changes coming up and all the scammers running around, I want out before my luck turns. I've listed my last batch of bags before calling it quits.

    I'll just pass my handbags down to friends and relatives from now on. DH is thrilled because he always claimed that having eBay as a way to unload, I bought way too many bags I rarely used. You know, the bag for a specific shoe or outfit or occasion. I have to admit, that since I found the eBay outlet my purchases did increase. ;)

    Anyone else out there bailing out?
    Anyone else think eBay has 'enabled' or encouraged purchases you may not have made?

  2. I have been thinking of doing the same myself.
  3. I'm not a professional seller, but have sold a few items on ebay. I have one more bag that I want to sell, but after that I'm out. The new fees are very high. For this last sale I may ask for USPS money order only since I'm so scared of a chargeback.
  4. I've started listing some items on craiglist. It's local only, but it beats getting scammed.
  5. I am thinking of getting out! I had a sale of a MJ Bag and the buyer got me in so much crap with paypal. She did not want bag and came up with anal excuse to return it but filed a dispute before I could talk to her. I refunded her money but do not have my bag yet and my stupid paypal is all screwed till they get money from my bank. I will see the bag rot before I list it again!! I have had it with ebay and paypal and the fruitcakes out there!!!
  6. I'm definitely DONE with Ebay! I just returned a VERY good Fake Coach bag to an Ebay Seller, which even the Seller didn't realize (the Seller is a known "great" seller). The Seller claims she'd bought it from Dillards (it was the last bag left) and didn't think Dillards sold Fakes. Dillards normally doesn't but their SA's aren't skilled enough to spot FAKES being RETURNED to them so they will accept these Fakes as returns and turn around and sell them to someone else. I think this is what happened to my Seller. As much as I feel bad for the Seller being duped (the FAKES are getting REALLY good looking! If it weren't for the "man made" leather smell instead of the "genuine" leather smell, I wouldn't have known any better), I just couldn't consciously keep a Fake that I'd spent $300 on! I just told the Seller to return the item back to Dillards and get her $$ back.

    So, once I get my refund (the Seller is taking 15% restocking fee from my refund, per her auction), I'm SO DONE WITH EBAY!!!!
  7. First I'd refuse to pay a 15% restocking fee if what she sold you was misrepresented.. knowingly or not!!

    I used to be so naive about the old 'switcheroo' but I just fell victim to it myself & I'm really upset w/ myself... I just bought a few pairs (6 to be exact) of Sunnies from Marshalls to ebay... when I started taking pics I noticed one pair was fake!!! I couldn't believe what i was seeing!!

    I'm still not sure if I should just return them or if I should make a fuss about it.... I don't want to risk someone else getting them but I'd be returning them to a different store (the one I bought them at is an hour away) & they may refuse them if I let them know they are fake!
  8. I'm just so sad that these scammers found their way into it...

    As a concept, eBay is fabulous and I bought great things off it, but after reading all these awful things that others have gone through I am just so sad to see that the honest sellers and buyers are calling it quits and that eBay's new policies are crap and not solving anything. In fact, they are making things even worse and only the "big" sellers will be left and honest people who sell good things that they are tired of or don't need anymore are too scared and unprotected to keep using it.

    What an awful turn of events.:crybaby:
  9. Thanks, Tinks! I've tried emailing her in asking her for a FULL refund but she said the refund will be less 15% due to the fact that she believes Dillards wouldn't sell a Fake. Well, I had taken the purse into a local Coach Boutique today. Although the store was busy, a few SA's were able to tell me right away that the straps were "man-made" leather NOT "genuine" leather from the feel/look and also the smell (from the day I'd received it, I kept telling the Seller that the purse trims smells "plasticky" and not like leather) - even though they had to agree that if the were to just "see" the purse, they wouldn't have known it was Fake!! I conveyed this via email to the Seller today and also shipped the purse back today as well. So, we'll see what she does. If she doesn't refund me in FULL, could I ask my credit card to do a charge back for the remaining amount owed? Or do I need to take that up with Ebay or Paypal instead?

    Yes, it's scary how lots of these Fakes are creeping into these stores that are supposedly selling authentic items! I'm really really too scared to buy from Ebay or department stores anymore (I've been having anxiety attacks in dealing with the above issue and it's just NOT worth it anymore!).
  10. Jessaperben, I hope you fight the restocking fee since from your comments she did not post a fake bag, but an authentic bag.
  11. How is this working out for you? The thought had crossed my mind to do the same.

    I agree, though, I think I am going to get out now too....Things have been getting too complicated and the fees are just ridiculous. I've only been doing eBay for the last two months. I only just decided to empty my pay pal account based on suggestions not to keep your funds in there (from another thread). I had no idea that you get charged to have the money deposited into your account. On top of that, I had been using my husband's Paypal account, and then I created my own. I asked him to empty my money from his account into mine so I could then deposit the money into my own checking account. We got charged $32 for doing that! I was so pissed. The fees just keep popping up at every turn.

    Not to mention, I am starting to get too many non paying bidders and its getting on my nerves.
  12. As sad as it is to say, cover your own butt and don't say a thing!
  13. I bailed a while ago, and haven't looked back. I applaud your decision and I know it takes a lot to get to that point, but all in all, I think it's a really good thing you are doing.

  14. Thanks, Ronsdiva! You are so right but I can only do my best to fight it and hope the Seller has a conscience. *sigh*
  15. And here I am, just thinking about getting IN! Is it a stupid idea now? I've been reading so many horror stories. I know nothing about eBaying (though plenty about scammers now). What are our alternatives? Craigslist? Consignment stores?