I'm getting old... And I need a new LV!!

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  1. So today I am 30.. And depressed .. Lol this one is hitting me hard... So I need to get a new bag.. I've been thinking about the Speedy 30( which would be ironic.. lol) but I also love the Delightful Gm... I already have a neverful Gm and and Eva clutch...

    What do you suggest
  2. Happy 30th Birthday!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!! I would go with the speedy...
  3. Happy Birthday!! :Partyhat:

    what about a speedy b- 30?? I love that it has the strap for extra functionality. I also love pouchettes.
  4. Happy birthday!!! I think you need :graucho: a speedy in your collection!!
  5. Happy Birthday!!

    I too would suggest Speedy b!!
  6. 30 is a beautiful age! I'm not 30 yet but I'm not scared of it actually.
    Speedy 30 would be my choice. Love your nail color!
    "Beauty is like fine wine- it gets better with age." ;)
  7. Happy Birthday!!! I ditto the Speedy B 30 suggestion. :smile: :heart:
  8. Happy Birthday! Speedy 30 gets my vote.
  9. 30 is so young...Nowhere near old. Enjoy your 30s in good health and surrounded by LV. I'd like to second the Speedy B30 option. Happy birthday!
  10. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes... I think I'm leaning towards the Speedy 30 too! Does anyone have modeling pics of speedy b ? I'm unsure about the crossbody... ?
  11. Happy birthday! I wish I was 30 again!! I would def get the speedy 30 b to commemorate your BD. Go to the clubhouse - there are tons of mod shots there!
  12. I wish I was 30 again. :giggles: I do hope u have a great birthday. Speedy 30 here too. :smile:
    I have the Speedy B 25 and I love having the strap.
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    Cracks me up when people 30 call themselves old! :giggles:
    Go with the Speedy 30 that way you will always remember when you got it!!
    Happy Birthday!!
  14. Why don't you get a speedy b 30...just to be different
  15. I vote for Speedy 30. Happy Birthday!