I'm getting my new Chloe Paddy in khaki tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks to all those who responded to my questions under the threads Chloe Paddington in Forest Green/Khaki and Authentic Chloe? Need Help! I'm getting the handbag tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!:P
  2. HOORAY! Congratulations on your new bag! We look forward to seeing your pics! (The royal "we" that is!)
  3. Consider it a 'Community Service' ;)

    Can't wait to see your bag - that's a gorgeous color!
  4. Yes, I am a very 'socially responsible' person and will post pictures when I get it! I'm psyched!:nuts:
  5. congratulations! i have a paddington hobo in that color, that i've had for a while (like december). it's a wonderful color.
  6. Thank you! Eskimo, do you find the color verstatile to wear? What do you wear it with?
  7. congrats on you new paddy. Once it starts, can never stop.:suspiciou
    Pls do post pics when you get it.
  8. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your pics...
  9. Thanks you guys for sharing my enthusiasm. I will post pics once I have them!
  10. Congrats--post pics for us!!
  11. Exciting! Waiting for your pics ... => I haven't seen anyone around with the khaki yet.
  12. congrats. i'm glad you decided to get it, you will definitely love it. you don't see khaki much, it's rare. Have lots of fun with it.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see your pics!
  14. pls post pics
  15. Congrats congrats!!! Me too, my whiskey paddy should be here either tomorrow or on Monday. I'm so happy for anyone who gets a new bag!!! :smile: