I'm getting my matineee!!!!!

  1. I'm getting my RM Matinee in Wine!!! I'm soooo excited!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Thank you Contessa for taking the time to try and hunt down the bag for me. And thank you Luvinmybags for finding one for me with a discount code. I can't believe I'm finally getting this bag! I'm post pics as soon as it gets in. Thank you again ladies, you guys are wicked awesome!!
  2. Awwww...you're so sweet. I didn't do much!

    SO glad you found the bag!! Wine is a gorgeous color.

    Please post pics!
  3. You are sooo welcome!!!! I'm excited for you! You are gonna love it!:dothewave:
  4. ^Cool! Where did you end up finding it?
  5. Now Im really curious! That bag is getting kinda hard to find! And with a discount!? Enlighten me please!
  6. Active Endeavors has the wine/bur and if sorry25 still works you can get it w/ 25% off.
  7. Yes, I got it from AE with an "apologies" code for 25% off.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: (had to add that in again:smile:)
  8. that's awesome! i love the wine color. i wish ae had a mam available.
  9. congratulations!!! i get mine on monday and can't wait now; they seem to be selling out EVERYWHERE!
  10. I've located a Matinee in "Berry" if anyone's interested!!!!
  11. Congratulations! That is such a beautiful color!
  12. Contessa, you seem to be quite good at "finding" good deals. Maybe you can trace a Nikki at a good price...:confused1:
  13. What color and hardware my sweet?????
  14. Congratulations!!
  15. So happy for you daydrmer! I love it when everyone pitches in to help a tPFer get a bag she's been searching high and low for (and helps her save some $ in the process too)!! Now if only it could get here with Super Fast Extra Expedited No Waiting Time delivery....can't wait to see it!