I'm getting my groom agenda back!

  1. Well after some careful thought I decided to ask for my blue groom agenda back from my friend's friend who was preparing to sell it for me. I changed my mind and it's going to be delivered back to me on the 17th. Whooo that saved me some seller's remorse!
    How will that little groom ever forgive me?

    Looking forward to being re-united.
    What's the one thing - if anything you have REALLY regretted selling or giving away?
  2. hurray!So glad your groom back!!

    Sometimes I regret selling my pink Chanel cambon tote :sad: ....At the time I did not like the color and style but now I wish I had kept it...Some things just take time to grow on me...Also sold a Cavalli shirt for wayyyy less then what I paid for
  3. hooray. the groom agenda is sooo cute. i love my red one.