I'm getting my first RM and I need some help in the color department..

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  1. Hello ladies! I've finally decided to get a Matinee as my first RM bag...the style and the contrasting reversible side flips appeal to me a lot!:P

    But there were only 3 colors on their website and among the three, I like
    WINE very much..:graucho: But I was wondering what previous colors RM has released prior to these three colors? I saw the Lilac Matinee (which is to die fooooor!:drool:) but also learned that it was never released/sold:sad:

    So should I go for Wine as my first RM? Or are there any other brighter and popping color?
  2. Ruby, Gold and Violet are on sale at Luna Boston! Plus, extra 20% with 'grechen' code.


    Jade at Delcina:


    If you want Wine, only place to find it is via RM directly.
  3. Check out funkylala they have a few more colors from older collections.
  4. ^The violet is gorgeous. I would recommend that.
  5. Those jade and ocean bags are gorgeous!!

    Also if you look on ebay, there are often a lot of midnight/pewter, black/blue, gray, ec... not very popping colours, but still gorgeous!
  6. I like how the fushia looks. Its really eyecatcing
  7. Fuchsia is a great eye popping color, as is the Ocean color!
  8. fuschia is hot!

    if you want a wine go for it! it is the most tdf color RM has made thus far! However i think the violet matinee is TDF also. That will be my next matinee....
  9. get a violet matinee! i'm waiting for mine to show up on monday...eeek!
  10. Tons of brilliant choices! If you don't mind paying full price and playing the waiting game - Wine is the way to go. Otherwise, I like the Jade and the Ruby(although I think the Jade may be sold out at Delcina - I didn't see it today).
  11. Thanks everyone! I really do love the Violet Matinee since I'm a huge violet lover! I was hoping the Violet Matinee to be a more vibrant and popping color..something that screams violet.;)

    Where o where did that Lilac Matinee go? That would have been perfect!

    Here are the current colors in my collection:P Do you think Wine would fit in perfectly?

  12. Wow! Ur BBags are stunning! :drool: Love the vibrant colours! I definately think wine matinee will be a great addition to ur collection!
  13. I think the Jade is quite stunning! :okay: