I'm Getting my First Facial Tomarrow!

  1. Well I'm getting married in June so I figure that is a good excuse to get my first facial and see what they have to say about my skin. I'm so excited, I had a choice of the 30 minute and the 60 minute and went with the shorter one since I have no idea about this sort of thing.. I'm just excited and wanted to share!
  2. Cool, I just had a short facial at Bliss Spa in NYC, it was kinda my second ever, I'm usually not impressed with stuff like this so I talk myself out of going but I really did enjoy my Bliss facial, I'm going to plan a more intense one again soon! Have fun!
  3. Enjoy! I'm thinking of getting one soon too. My mom (81 yrs old) mentioned she always wanted a facial (before she goes as she put it!). So I'll probably go with her. Theres so many different kinds not sure what kind I'll get though.
  4. Whoa. I'm getting my first on Saturday. I'm sort of nervous. I hope I don't get too red after.
  5. Thats exactly what I'm thinking. I've heard some good things about facials, some bad things.
  6. Oh, a facial is wonderful! It is so soothing and relaxing. I have probably had about 10 in my life and never, ever had a bad one. I even went to a beauty school once and had one when I had hardly any money and even it was wonderful. I haven't had one in a while but I will get one at the spa in May when we are on vacation. I can't wait. Enjoy!