I'm getting hammered.

  1. I miss my hubby so much. (I know - shut up already) but you guys have really become my support system. I have alot of friends but they have their own lives/kids and I can't seem to pick up the phone and call them. I don't think I've ever drank alone like this so much in my life. I'm a Christian girl but the flesh is really weak right now. I'm listening to one of the records my hubby played on right now and its so darned good! I wish you could all hear it. Anyway,,,,thanks for reading my crap. Please drop by the club if you get bored....we welcome alll!!! Even my uptight sister nathansgirl!!!!
  2. Hold Strong girl!!!!!! And be safe with the getting hammered!!:yes:
  3. thats what I love about this forum! don't have to drive anywhere or talk to any creeps!
  4. Hang in there woman!! We'll always be here for ya! :drinks:
  5. I'm thinking about taken an Ambien and going to bed...
  6. Ambien! the night is young! lets shut clubbagshoo down tonight~!
  7. :Push:
    Hell, I have to get up at 0500hrs!
  8. why oh why? work? I have tomorrow off so I know I'll be nursing a hangover.
  9. Oh, bagnshoofetish, I hope you feel better! Just know you will see him soon, I hope! Girl, we are all here for you!
  10. aw bagnshoo! love you!! hang in there! the best rainbows come after the storm....at least that's what i tell myself.

    remember, you might get to go visit him! and there's always skype! :smile:

    i'm so glad the board is here for you. it's such a fab thing vlad and megs have set up for all of us! i hope you feel better....or that the alchohol is working. :smile: and sidenote: unless you're LDS, i thought alchohol was ok for christians?

    (i feel like i could have written your post...minus the record listening of course. i love that this board makes all of us feel so much less alone...)
  11. ^ ilzabet, you are seriously one of the sweetest PFers ever... you always have such nice things to say :flowers:

    Bagnshoo, hang in there girl! We all love ya and are here for ya! And we'll be here tmw to help you get through the hangover too! :heart:
  12. Girl, you rock! Hold off on the sauce but if you must, glad you're not driving. I'll be here for a bit...washing hockey gear then off to BF's so no booze right now :P .
  13. Everyone is soooo supportive no matter the situation and i think that is unbelievably awesome...and the world can definately use some more people like the one's who occupy this space!!!
  14. aw sparkles thanks! everyone here has been so great to me, i just try to return the favor. :wlae:
  15. Aww.. ! So that's why I'm getting these love letters ! :graucho::love:

    I hope you have a lovely night, and remember - my PM box is always open. :yes: