I'm getting called about PCE....NOW?!?!

  1. Okay, so I worked out at the gym this morning and I'm tired. I'm lying in bed in the middle of a nap and my mom starts yelling from the bottom of the stairs "Did ya hear that, Laur? That mall that you go to...they're having a sale!" I was like WTF are you talking about, mom? And she goes "That store you like...Coach, they're having a 25% off sale." I was like wait, they called me? And for some reason she wouldn't give me details, because I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me buying anything. If I do, I'm in trouble. So long story short, I'm getting called about PCE now, even though I have no card. I guess they've opened it up to everybody at my store? It was very odd.

    And I totally forgot there's a whole section on PCE so I apologize...I'm still not awake yet.
  2. Mind Boggling!! :weird: I think we are all in danger of PCE OVERLOAD!
  3. Lauren:

    I remember a post where you said you wanted to purchase something. There is still plenty of time left as the PCE is until June 30th. Why don't you go and buy it with the discount now that you have it. This way you will get the invite in September.

  4. Already taken care of with the help of a fabulous TPF member. This was before I got the phone call today. I'll post pics once it arrives. :smile:
  5. Lauren, I am glad that you got what you wanted for the PCE. I can't wait to see pictures. Congrats. I am sorry it took so long for you to get the call about the PCE. I received my call on Thursday, June 14th and I was so happy to get it.
  6. Yes, this was the first time I was called...but I don't think I was originally on the list. I'm not sure, I'm thinking maybe they just opened it up to everybody in my store but my mom won't tell me what the lady said because she knows I can't afford to buy anything. I think I'm going to start saving up for a Chelsea sig small flap in black instead of the small sig Ergo I've been wanting. I like the look of the Chelsea more. And I was going to wait until Fall to purchase it anyway so if there is a PCE in September I'm sure I can find a store that will just give me the discount as I know people have been saying their stores let them do that.

    But I am very happy that I did get to purchase something this PCE because I've paid full price for the past four things I've bought and it's draining!
  7. Liz - you're the ultimate enabler! :nuts:
  8. They added people to PCE with the extension, this is by no means a public event still!
  9. WOOHOO!!! I feel special then. You know I really feel like I should order the Chelsea bag now that I have the invite since I would get so much money off of it..just stick it on a credit card or something and pay it off gradually but I know that would be a bad idea.
  10. We are NOT supposed to be publicizing it. No calling campaigns. Those were my manager's words. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking :rolleyes:
  11. Kick some Coach bootay, Sarah!!! :bagslap:
  12. LMAO! :bagslap: :boxing:
  13. That explains why I didn't get a call...I was starting to feel weird about it...but I did go in today and ask (really quietly) about the discount still applying and she said "no, it is over, but we can still offer it to you today".

    I was pretty excited since I got the chelsea wristlet with the turnlock and the issy shoes in khaki. Woohoo! And both with the discount. I didn't think I could use it on those items but she said yes.
  14. Okay so about ten minutes ago I go out to get the mail and what do I find? A PCE card! Sadly I'm not allowed to buy anything. I just have too many expenses and not enough money. But does this mean if I don't use the PCE this time around, I won't get an invite for the next one? I really REALLY want a new bag and it's killing me, but my mom will find out and inflict bodily harm on me.