I'm getting boxed in.

  1. What do you do with all these lovely brown boxes? I'm running out of room for them and yet I was up set when I didn't get one for the new Pochette I bought yesterday. I thought I could keep the bags that don't fold in there big soft boxes as long as I gave them some air once a month. The Sa I met yesterday said absolutly not. So I bought a wooden shelf system and took them all out of there boxes. What do I do with the boxes now? What do you do?
  2. I just throw away my boxes, keep some if i know im going to resell it, which is hardly.

    Some of my bags lie in the closet in your dustbags while others are on top of my armoire.
  3. You can allways send me all of those boxes..... ;) I would be pleased to figure out some use for them! lol I'm a brown box freak!! :sweatdrop: Actually... I started a (still) small collection of those! But then.. yes, I'm not even close to "normal"!
  4. Put the small boxes in the larger ones and so on. It's fun!
  5. My top closet is filled with these brown boxes AND BAGS ranging from sizes XL to XS.

    I just can't throw them away for some reason.

    I just keep stacking and stacking them up.

    I don't know what I'm gonna do when my top closet is full.

    I know some fellow tPFers had a smart idea of using the boxes to storage random non-LV things ... which is probably what I will start doing.
  6. Hmmm, what a great idea. :idea:

    If I do that my closet will most likely be only 25% full rather than 75% full.
  7. I will do that with the hard small boxes. Great idea! I just can't throw them out. There is just no room in my closet now with the wood shelves.
  8. I LOVE the boxes!!!! RIght now my bags are all in their boxes (yes I know...it's bad)...BUT I'm have a new closet organizer installed in the next week or so....and after that they will also go on pretty shelves....and the boxes will probably go downstairs in storage!
  9. I am running out of space due to those brown boxes ...sometimes I return them & the paper bags to LV for them to recycle;)
  10. I do as Lyanna Stark mentioned above-store the smaller boxes inside of the bigger ones. I'm a sucker especially for the big hard boxes and don't ever throw them out.

    I do use some to organize small items that I don't want to throw out. For example I have a small wallet drawer box I use to store random receipts that I need andI use a pochette box to store all my LV receipts.
  11. This isn't weird, I would keep all the boxes too, I love boxes! Then again though, I'm the sort that loves stationary stores and can walk around for hours looking at staplers, coloured sheets of paper, journals and diaries.. sellotape.. :p
  12. Great idea for the receipts. I'm going to see if they fit in the zippys box as she didn't give me a box for the pochette. Thanks!
  13. i have my dentelle BH and speedy in one of the big LV foldable boxes in my wardrobe, the top is always open and i have some of those moisture absorber things in there, but i air them out every now and again. Living in an apartment with one small wardrobe of my own, my closet is STUFFED full and that huge box takes up heaps of room. With the drawer boxes i stack them on top of one another and use them to keep things like change, jewellery, reciepts and stuff in them.
  14. Excuse my ignorance, but why is it bad to keep the purses in their box? :confused1:
  15. I purchased my first two piece three days ago and I didn't receive any boxes.