I'm getting bored on my diet.. and looking for some yummy simple recipies!

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  1. The title says it all. Due to my lack of creativity in the kitchen, I've been eating pretty much the same stuff the past couple of weeks and it is getting b-o-r-i-n-g... and starting to become unappetizing.

    Any tasty yet easy to make recipes that follow my diet guidelines (below)?

    - I've banned all white carbs with the rare bite or two. This includes all white breads, pasta, potatoes, cereal, rice, breaded fried foods etc. The only carbs that I allow are whole grain/wheat bread, oatmeal (the old fashioned, not the instant), and melba toast. Of course, other foods that contain small amounts of carbs are completely fine since it's hard to find a food that's 100% carb free and besides I need a few carbs for energy.

    - I've given up red meat so it's all lean chicken, tuna, and salmon. My diet is high in protein so anything else that contains lots of protein is welcomed, beans included.

    - My fat, sugar, and sodium intake is low, low, and low. The fats I do eat, I try to get from a healthy source (almonds for example instead of a chocolate bar).

    - High fiber.

    - And I have also banned liquid calories. I love water with a tiny squeeze of lemon in it so it's all good.

    Oh yeah, and I also have one day a week where I'm allowed to eat whatever I want. It keeps me sane LOL.

    Thanks to everyone who responds in advanced! :flowers:
  2. i love this salmon with lime salsa recipe:


    salmon with mango salsa is really good too. :drool:

    as for tuna, you can try different kinds of tuna salad... the usual thing gets pretty boring. you can try it with soy sauce, capers and lemon juice, peppers and corn, or granny smith apples and walnuts (not all at once i'd hope! lol)

    and here's a good recipe for grilled chicken with tomatoes and thyme.


    good luck with your diet! :smile: