I'm getting a Tulum GM **walking like an egyptian**

  1. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

    I'm exited. I'm doing a dance :wlae:

    I won a brand NEW, never used Tulum GM on eBay!!! I couldnt be happier. I planned on buying this bag in the boutique in a few months, but when I saw it on eBay I could not pass it up
    I meant to post this sooner but I got caught up in car shopping. :upsidedown:

    Anyway--I'm buying it from one of the nicest sellers. My past two eBay purchases have been unbelievable (bought the Damier Duomo last month---mint condition). I just thank my lucky stars that I have not had to deal w/ some of the crap that I read about w/ deceptive sellers.

    I've been lucky. I won this bag from a reputable mypoupette seller (b744wify) who took the most amazing pics. I couldnt not get it.

    She is super responsive and very nice. I have not recieved my bag yet, but when I do I will post pics for everyone. I'm sure it will look even better in person :wlae:

    Thanks also to pf'er Sunshine who owns this bag. She encouraged me to buy it after reveiwing the auction pics. Even though it was a mypoupette seller, I felt even more comfortable bidding on the bag once I got a thumbs up from a Tulum owner :P

    Here's the auction link:
    eBay: 100% AUTH Louis Vuitton TULUM GM Hangbag Bag Purse (item 110026116326 end time Aug-28-06 00:58:37 PDT)
  2. Congrats!!!:wlae: Can't wait to see the pics!!!
  3. Good for you! Congrats. Looking forward to pictures!!
  4. Gorgeous!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!
  5. thanks everyone. I will post pics the moment I get it. But the pics that the seller took are already fab:graucho:
  6. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  7. yay, congrats! :biggrin:
  8. Beautiful! I love the fact that it is a shoulder bag. I was looking at this one instore and its a great roomy bag.
  9. ^^Yep, and an extra plus is that you can wear it messenger style.
    I have a Mussette and used to wear it all the time out of it because it was a messenger bag

    the tulum will be a refreshing change :smile:
  10. Wonderful...
  11. Let us know how you like it - I've been looking at it too, but I was worried it might be too big for me.
  12. Gorgeous! It looks fabulous!
  13. Congrats!! Love that bag :love:
  14. you lucky gal! I have been eyeing that auction for some time now! that is one of my dream bags, but I'm glad a PFer won it!! a huge CONGRATS!! and enjoy her!! please post pic when you get it!!!
  15. Looks like a perfect everyday bag! Nice haul! Congrats!
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