I'm getting a new wallet! Woot! Which one?

  1. Ok so I sold my denim stripe wallet to get one that matched the bag I have and carry teh most- Brown Signature Leigh.

    I sold my wallet for $100.

    And I also put my LV wallet up for sale for $325 (I only paid $180!!!!!) and someone bought it! What a deal huh?

    I didn't think I would be able to get a new wallet for PCE because we are kinda tight on money. But now I can!!!

    So which one to match the Leigh?


    Now wallets to choose from:





    Now I just have to save for the LV wallet!!!!
  2. I like A.
  3. So do I, I like the pink.
  4. I personally LOVE this one the best...for obvious reasons.....I has PINK! [​IMG]
    Good luck w/ your decision!!! Let us know which one you chose!
  5. I like B to match since it has the turnlock also, but A is a gorgeous wallet too!
  6. I agree with this. Both A and B are beautiful wallets, but B would be my choice.
  7. I like A the best because I love the pink and I love having the checkbook.. but B matches the siggy identical to the leigh. I am jealous, I have the same leigh and would LOVE to get one of those wallets! :yes:

    hehe, even though all the choices are lovely, the second one looks perfect with the Leigh.
    It's a match made in heaven!!! :love:
  9. Ahhh I don't know which to choose...

    I love A because of the checkbook and the hot pink and tattersall and license window.

    I like B because it does match the Leigh exact!

    Also, I don't know if I should wait out a deal on eBay or use my PCE card, I'd have to pay tax, I hate paying tax.
  10. I like C but what you think about a wristlet? I have the Bleecker and honestly works better than any wallet in the world! And so much cheaper!

  11. That is a good idea, because I really don't use the Leigh that often since I got my Beverly (LV).

    Maybe this one:

    In brown:


    Or I thought maybe the sueded version of that, it has the chian detail.

    But it's not on the website.
  12. I can feel your pain. :yes: They are both beautiful... personally I would get the bleecker but that is only because I am a freak for pink and I like checkbooks to have to register my debits and to have checks on those rare occasions that I need them. You really can't go wrong though. As far as eBay, with the money you will save on pce I would probably just do that because you arent' risking getting a fake, etc. I don't *think* you would save a lot, if any, but I could be wrong. :shrugs: Let us know what you decide!!!
  13. I would go for A -- love the pink!
  14. I love A, but B matches better, so I say B.
  15. I vote BBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!! It is a PERFECT match and has the cute little turnlock!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!