Im getting a new CAR!!!!! Please help with color & options!

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Which BMW? Black or White?

  1. Black w/ Premium sound & Comfort Seats

  2. White w/ Wheels & Power rear hatch

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am getting a new BMW X5
    I am def getting the black interior however I cant decide between black or white exterior.

    They both have the exact same options EXCEPT

    Black one has- Upgraded premium sound system, Ventilated & Comfort front seats
    White one has- Upgraded Wheels & automatic open/close rear hatch/tailgate

    Both are the same price.

    Please help!

    I founds pics with the correct wheels so the pic of the white one has the same wheels, same with the black.

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  2. I voted black because I love black cars. But I really like the wheels on the white one. Are the comfort seats heated seats, because heated seats rule!
  3. Yes they are heated and cooled.
  4. Cooled? I didn't know they could do that! I just got a car with heated seats though and I love them. I decided to get them at the last minute and I'm so glad I did. It's like having a built in heating pad in your car.
  5. yeah, my lexus has it too, its kinda weird to feel the air under your butt. Its subtle though
  6. I voted black because, well, I like black cars! And my car is black, too. Looks more elegant to me!
  7. First off.. Congrats on getting an X5... love the way they drive! I voted black with premium sound and comfort seats. IMO the X5 looks better in black.
  8. Black!

    It makes the hot car look even HOTTER :drool:
  9. def black!
  10. Black because that's the one I want - LOL!
  11. I have a black lexus but I wish I had a white one. It looks great when it's very clean but I am not a slave to keeping it clean. But in your case I like the options on the black one. I understand that since that is why I bought mine.
  12. I don't understand - you can't get the package you want on the color car you want?
  13. i'd go for black for the looks (since i'm a nyorker), but white may be better in sunny florida? also, i like to not have to manually open the rear hatch, especially if i'm carrying lots of bags from shopping!
  14. Black! That car is HOT!
  15. Black shows every flaw, if you are either a detail fanatic who loves to was and wax or someone who doesn't care too much about how the outside looks as long as you're comfortable and it drives well then black is fine. If you are in between it can drive you crazy. A black car with a mirror polish is one of the most beautiful things on the road.