I'm getting a new bag!!!


Feb 2, 2006
At first I thought the LV perforated line was ugly. Until yesterday I went on the LV site and saw the green one. THen I was in love, I just bought a pair of white/ green pumas and wanted to find a bag to match them. I was going to get a green MJ ursla but think the LV will last way longer then the ursla in terms of value and style. SO I talked my DH into getting me the LV. Do yall think it's a good choice for a summer-fall bag??:biggrin: OR should I keep on lookin.
kylieReese said:
I want to get the green perforated LV,, what do you think noriko
Or should I get another B bags, ..I love b bags, there's so many yummy colors

Was there only one green perfo? I thought it came in the pochette and the speedy? And maybe some other bag I cant think of right now, which one are you getting?

I'd go with the perfo in any case :biggrin:
Oh, oopss. I didn't write which one, hehe.. I'm thinking the speedy, because all of the other bags in that line don't appeal very much to me. But I have to see the bag in person to see if I like it. I just saw a pic of the inside of the bag on ELuxury and the perforation goes all the way through to the inside. I thought it was going to have a green lining. now I don't know for sure anymore. Man what to get. I hate choosing, I wish I can have them all:lol:
kylieReese said:
Update: I'm saving up for a black birkin.. Just have to combine 10 bags into one. haha
So......you're not buying LV or MJ at all?? Well......birkin is definitely an investment which you can wear for many more years. :amuse: I love birkins!!!!! :P
Well I might buy one bag first before I start saving for the birkin.. I think it will take several monthes. before I get the birkin so for now I need something new. Oh the addiction, I swear I need a new bag every month.