i'm getting a dog!!

  1. I've been wanting a dog since I was a kid. I always lived in an apartment before buying my condo, so I was never able to buy a dog. My sister's friend is giving away her dog, who is 1 yr old, because their family isn't home most of the day to watch him. So I'm adopting him...I'm so excited to be getting him. I'll be getting him in about 2 weeks...here's a pic of him when he was a puppy. Isn't he adorable? Any tips on house training a dog? They said that he's somewhat housetrained to go on those pee pads, but he sometimes has accidents.
  2. OMG Soooooo cute!!Do you have any Petsmart stores near you? I know they have a free seminar of housetraining :smile:
  3. I think the Purina website has some good tips too!
    Cute doggie!
  4. thank you!!! i'll go check them out.
  5. Very cute!! Congrats, and have fun! :smile:
  6. OMG. Super cute.
    You will have lots of fun.
    Dont get him used to the pee pad cos then they wont wait hahaha
    Try to take him out as many times as you can so you dont stink up your house.
  7. OMG I want that dog. so so so cute
  8. OMG he is adorable, enjoy many happy years together!
  9. He's so cute! Congrats--he's a lucky boy to get a loving home. Good luck with the housetraining.
  10. He is adorable. Congratulations and good luck.
  11. Congratulations! I'm glad he's going to a good home!
  12. aww such a cutie!!
  13. congrats!! its soo cute!! its always exciting to be welcoming a new family member!!
  14. Congrats!!! What kind of dog is he?
  15. Aww so adorable :smile: congrats!