Im getting a crazy colored RM where are the rest?

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  1. I dont see many crazy colors..Only the tangerine, and the one fucshia..
  2. brick, of the current season, those are the really 'different' colours. Of course there's the Ocean which is rather bright. Ruby which has a hint of pink. And those all over gold bags, which take a special person to rock!
  3. yeah the gold crackle bags are "crazy" colored
  4. She has a beautiful bright djon mustardy yellow color coming out soon (help me out girls on a date) and it looks GORGEOUS!
  5. they look gorgeous. But I'm afraid of buying one and not being able to protect it. I wonder what kind of maitenance product is used on that gold crackle...
  6. does anyone know if it needs special care
  7. hhmmmm, not sure. There have been a few threads on leather care for RM bags so maybe do a search? Good question though, hopefully someone knows the answer.
  8. thanks tatertot
  9. Yay! I'm glad you bought the fuschia gold crackle. There is the ocean/gold crackle and the night. I have the night, and i am thinking i should collect all three!

    Anyways, the gold crackle doesn't require much maintenance at all. Just don't drag it or do anything out of the norm.
  10. Muahhaha, here is my craziest!


    Hey, I tried!:lol:
  11. I would totally get a crazy coloured one, but because my budget is limited, and I want my bags to last a long time, I'd rather get a black or other neutral, than get a bright one i would only wear for this season and then never again.
  12. Brick you're cheating :crybaby:

  13. took me a while to understand what you meant but..AWWW
    but if its any consolation, RM is a great brand to be cheating with!!!!! :shame:
  14. Gung SHUTUP! You have EVERY color RM. The tangerine, purple, LAME that is not your craziest color! LOL

    And what about the Ocean Nikki, did you finally decide to buy it?
  15. Are these colors crazy enough? :nuts: