I'm getting a Cabat, but which one...

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  1. I'm going to get a large Cabat, but I can't decide on which one.

    Choices are:

    1. Chevre Ottone (distressed Gold goat leather). Limited edition 500.

    2. Vachette in Limo (calf, more structured than nappa). Limited edition 50 only.

    3. Nappa Umbria in Old petra.

    4. Black patent leather (F/W 07/08)

    5. Nappa in Ebano (classic dark brown soft leather)

    I think I'm leaning towards the Vachette in Limo, but I'm not crazy about the color. What do you think? Thanks.
  2. Number one for me.I really love this bag in the distressed gold. I do really like metallics though.
  3. If it were me - i'd go for black, but the reg. leather, not patent.

    Next choice would be ebano.

    classic and timeless all the way.

    Please for the love of mike post photos when you get it. I need to live through you.

    I bow down to your BV greatness!!!
  4. 1 or 5.
  5. i love noce umbria or ebano. get a color you really love. the cabat is fabulous.
  6. Since you are so-so with Limo, go for another color. Keep us updated. =)

    Among the given choices, I would pick Vachette in Limo, Nappa Umbria in Old Petra, or Nappa in Ebano.
  7. I would say 2 or 5, because I love Limo and Ebano, but if you don't care that much for Limo, I'd take the Ebano. Patent leather just doesn't do anything for me, so I can't make a fair comparison. Which color do you love?

    I am green with envy--the Cabats are so wonderful IRL--the simplicity (but the craftsmanship required to make one!) of them is stunning.
  8. Oh oh oh!!!
    I'm SOOOOO jealous, uclaboi!!!

    In order of preference for YOU: 2, 5, then 1

    Personally, I think Vachette/ Chevre are the best materials for a Large Cabat, cos the materials will hold the shape better. Especially for a Large, I think in time, the Nappa will end up soooo smooshy, your Cabat will lose its shape.

    Limo is an extremely versatile colour, and I believe it will grow on you after a while. :P That said, if you aren't fond of it, then I'll pick Ebano, but in Nappa. The Chevre Ottone is GORGEOUS, just that I'm not too sure how well it will with your everyday wardrobe.

    Do let us know what your final choice is! I'm soooo excited at the prospect already!! :yahoo:
  9. IMHO, #1.

    Don't ever buy anything you're not drooling over. Believe me, it rarely "grows" on you after you've bought it.

    Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. First of all, cabat...blisss...lucky you! :wlae:

    My first choice would've been Vachette in Limo, I personally:heart: it. But, u said you aren't thrilled with the color, so I concur with SKelly - don't buy something in hopes that it will grow on you (esp. in that price range!).

    So my second is the classic Napa in Ebano. I've seen this in IRL and it is a very handsome bag! Gorgeous rich color and in the cabat, it's extra luxurious!

    I await to hear which is the winner...let's face it, any of them will be lookers!
  11. I say 3 or 5
    I think 1 would be gorgeoud, but I am always very warry of a metallic finish of any kind. I also don't really like the limo colour and am not keen on patent at all. Good luck with whichever you choose. It will be a beauty either way!
  12. Thanks everyone for your opinions.

    I narrowed it down to Chevre Ottone, Vachette Limo, or Nappa Ebano.

    Chevre Ottone: I like the color and sheen of the metallic. I like the goat leather since it's a little more supple and stronger (easier to take care?). A little more difficult to coordinate with outfits.

    Vachette: My favorite leather for the Cabat, since it is harder. It keeps the shape of the bag very well, even on the extra large size Cabat UOMO. I actually like the Limo color and have a belt in Limo color. There was a large size and an extra large size UOMO bag at the store. I liked the XL UOMO color (because it was a "newer" bag that just came in). It was a lighter greyish beige. The large size bag was an older bag (more aged). SA said that the "newer" Limo color would eventually age into the darker color (which I'm not crazy about) on the large size bag. It had a dirty feel to it... don't know how else to describe it. BTW, I just found out the Vachette also comes in Noce, but I have many bags in Noce already...

    Nappa Ebano: Classic and timeless. I like the dark chocolate color, which goes with pretty much any outfit. I like the softness of the leather. But since it's so soft, it has no structure and will just collapse.

    Still thinking...
  13. Late to the party. Tough choices indeed (I fully comprehend) but you’ve narrowed down the better ones. Do ask yourself this, are you getting one for pure usage or do you want to invest in one that is limited in production. If the answer is both, looks like the Limo Vachette is the one.

    Good luck and do report back!
  14. I wuld choose the black leather as it's classic and timeless, the next choice will be NO. 5.......:smile:
  15. I haven't seen how Limo looks like after it's aged, but I do love it when it's "new". Is there anything which you can spray on the leather to prevent dirt? Especially since it's not nappa leather, so it's not as "delicate" :shrugs: