I'm furious!

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  1. I'm so mad! Please tell me I'm not overreacting. Last week I was so excited to find my Urban Decay Naked palette at Ulta! It was a return and I was the happiest girl ever since I've been looking for it like crazy and my friend got it for me as a gift. Today during my break time in Spanish class I whip out my palette and start doing my makeup. This girl was all omg is that the naked palette and i replied yes. She asked if she can look at it and I said alright and passed it to her. I look at her open it up and look at it and I take off my eyes for maybe 3 seconds and I watch her stick her fingers on my eyeshadow and start rubbing it on her eyelids. My mouth just dropped in shock then I see her grab the eyeliner and she tried putting it on her eyes until I got up out of my seat and flipped out on her. I probably said a few curse words and I said do you know how unsanitary that is? That is not for you to use! I feel like throwing it out but I can't afford another one. Am I in the wrong for flipping out so bad? This is my holy grail of eyeshadow.
  2. i would be pissed as well.. i would have probably reacted the same way lol you should of seen me yesterday when i had found that my hubby had broken my vincent longo shadow trio :/ lol But that girl was just plain rude. Where did she think she was, a beauty store where she could try stuff out?? even at those places i only test the colors on the back of my hand and then wipe it off haha I would have been like.. are you going to pay for this now?? haha ;) sorry this happened to you :hugs:
  3. oh WOW. That is just...disgusting. "NO. putting stuff on your eyes is NOT okay!" I say, just wipe down all the colors with some tissue dabbed w/ alcohol...sharpen your pencil (if she used it) and it's good as new :smile:
  4. yeah, that is disgusting. She should have asked first, even though i would have said no anyways! Sorry. But yeah clean it off with some alcohol, it will be all good

  5. Yes, of course you were wrong. And more than a little rude yourself, not to mention childish, and yes it was way overreacting and I'm sure you looked foolish.

    She was wrong, of course, very much so, and simply letting her know you'd rather she not use her fingers in your makeup would have been enough. Would have been a whole lot more decent than making a scene like an immature child.

    You cussed at her? Seriously? In class? For touching something you yourself passed to her? Charming.

    You feel like throwing it out? Are you new to makeup? All makeup can be easily sanitized. Do you really think all makeup artists through away their kits after every job? I have an extensive collection and regularly makeup friends and relatives for different occasions. Sometimes they touch stuff. Usually I let them. No screaming, no cussing. Some spritzing with alcohol after.

    BTW, the term "holy grail" in makeup usually refers to a product you yourself have decided is something you like, and works well for you, and will continue to favour. It's intended to be a little tongue in cheek, and not intended to be taken literally. It really is just makeup, after all. Not actually the Holy Grail.
  6. I think you should have bitten her, but that's probably just me.
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    ^I agree, Norlite's reply was along the lines of what my impression was from what was written also...

    And to add, if it was my holy grail or very valued item, I probably would not take it to school, or protect more so that it would not get manhandled by friends or accidentally dropped.
  8. It's powder shadow, so just wipe the top layer off with a tissue and it should be fine.
  9. some people have no respect for other people's things. however, i probably wouldn't have said anything, just fumed silently - which is not a good thing, but what you may have doen was a little extreme - surely, there must be a happy medium. i showed a friend a palette that had an overspray on a blush and she took the brush and swirled it in the untouched blush, ruining the overspray. i was pretty pissed but just sulked quietly. i understand tho...makeup is not JUST makeup, especially if it's something you really value.

    i wouldn't throw it out though, just wipe off the shadows with a clean brush and sharpen the pencil. some people just don't care about other people's nice stuff.
  10. Well it was break time, there were only about 3 people in the classroom and I said crappy, I honestly count that as cussing. I didn't make a scene since there was practically no one in the room and the teacher wasn't in the classroom. I would never take up the teachers time to do my makeup or take out my palette. I was doing my makeup during break time. Yes I am new to makeup. Even though I'm 20 years old I never wore eyeshadow until like two weeks ago. I just had my makeup done for prom. I just usually wore eyeliner. I honestly do consider the naked palette my holy grail (: makeup may be just makeup to you but I have sensitive eyes and I don't want other peoples fingers going onto stuff that goes on my eyelids.
  11. ignore the other ladies, you had every right to be ticked off IMO
  12. Don't ignore me - bite the ho.
  13. ^^ I didnt mean you! I meant the ones who tell her she over reacted. Sorry :sad:
  14. Eewww, that would bother me too. She's probably one of those people you see at Sephora doing their entire face with the testers, and then can't figure out later how they got lip herpes and skin breakouts.
  15. ^^ eww herpes from makeup testers lol