I'm Furious!!!!!!!!!!!


    Today, as some of you who've been to the marketplace know, I've listed my Ted Lapidus sunglasses on eBay.

    This evening I find this...

    :mad: :mad: :evil: WHAT THE %*(#!!!!

    She copied my text!
    The pictures she put up aren't even of the right sunglasses!!!!!!

    UGH I want to:sick:

    I've reported this person to eBay.
    I wish they were more strict about these things and would ban her.

    Thanks for the vent!
  2. Aww I'm sorry. I hate it when that happens too. I put up a script so that people cannot highlight or right click my auction listings.

    But there are still tons of things people can do to steal your pictures/text. Screen shots and such.

    I hope they take her listing off soon! She doesn't even have actual pictures of the sunglasses.
  3. they probably don't even exist.

    ps- can you tell me the script? pm me!
  4. Winona, did you report her to ebay for description/picture theft or just for fake item? I find that ebay is quicker in removing picture/description theft than fake items
  5. Ebay sucks!
  6. Hey,

    It's a long script. I can email it to you.
  7. I'm sorry. Report the person. Ugh. Take your own pictures. It's not that hard.