i'm furious! Fedex delivered package to wrong person/address!

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  1. i ordered the Mahina XS black denim through elux and it's supposed to be delivered today. here i was waiting for the package, checking on my iphone every now and then to track the package to see if my mom's got it and signed for it. tracking showed that it was delivered so i checked on my mom to see if she's got the package. to my surprise, mom told me she didn't. i checked the tracking again and it showed delivered and signed by a certain person i do not know. it showed the person's first name initial and the last name. i've googled the name but couldn't see any lead. i even asked the mailman if there's a certain person around the neighborhood, he said there's no such name in my village. so i don't know where my package is right now but i do hope they'll be able to find it and deliver it to me! I just want my Mahina XS!

    i called up elux to report the problem and they told me they will do a "tracer" of the package. i then called fedex and told them about the problem. they said they're tracing it right now and trying to locate the driver who's assigned to deliver it to my address.

    i've been waiting for about 3 hours now and no reply from Fedex yet. Elux told me it'll take about 2 days to get some answers from them.

    anyway, i'm just furious right now and extremely disappointed! this isn't eluxury's fault but Fedex's. my gosh! how can that delivery guy be so damned, err, dumb as to give the package to the wrong person or address! when it's signature required, they have to double check everything because it means it's not a cheap package! i'm so mad!!!
  2. OMG...:wtf: that is unacceptabel...:tdown: i hope u get yr bag soon..hassle FEDEX..:roflmfao:
  3. Fed-ex did this to me. An LV store from the West Coast shipped me an item. Fed-ex delivered it to a house about 4 down from me. My neighbor held on to the package for about 5 days before Fed-ex finally tracked it down and went and got it from my neighbor! I couldn't believe it! Keep pressure on them and they will find it. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. My main issue with this is why do people sign for packages that are not intended for them?! We always get our neighbors packages (not the signature required ones). The delivery guy always leaves them on our front step. I wonder if it is because we are the corner house? Either way it's annoying. Delivery companies should definitely be more detail oriented.
  5. so who will be responsbile if they cant find the packages? wiil the buyer get a replacment?:confused1:
  6. I'm sorry to hear that! Be very proactive and don't stop calling them until you get the right and positive answer. It sounds too much, but it works. Hope you get your LV soon!
  7. thanks y'all...

    i've called elux twice now and told me they won't be able to get any definite answer until at least middle of next week.

    i've called Fedex 3 times now and still the same answer. the last one told me they haven't called me back because the driver is still trying to find the package.

    my golly! what happens if the driver isn't able to locate the package and the person who got the package doesn't give it to me? will elux send me another package? who's responsible for this?

    God, i just want my Mahina XS...i hope it won't take too long for them to get that package and deliver it to me. I have a feeling that i'll have to wait for at least a few more days. i hope they'll find it and deliver it to me ASAP. it's friday and the driver is probably in a hurry to take the weekend off. i know for sure i'll keep bugging them about this problem.
  8. I know UPS will cover it up to $100, not sure if Fed-Ex is the same. Good luck!
  9. anyone here have the same problem as mine? what was the outcome? i've googled and found out that most of the time, fedex driver was able to get back the package delivered to the wrong person. i hope i'll get my package soon. i'm so disappointed with Fedex right now. normally, i'm happy with Fedex and they never screw anything up except today (i hate UPS - bad experience).
  10. wow! what a bad situation, i hope everything gets handled...i would do more research on the name...could you PM it to me and maybe I can help..
  11. Back in December Fed Ex delivered a package to me that was clearly not my numerical address. I called Fed Ex to tell them and spent 20 minutes on the phone with them. They never came and picked it up. Several days later, I looked up the name and address in the phone book and called the name on the box and he came and picked it up himself. I'm sure Fed Ex records show it as delivered. I sure wish it had been a Mahina instead of car parts. LOL!
  12. I totally feel for you. I have issues with UPS who basically dump my packages on a street corner and as a consequence I've had THREE stolen. The latest is my MbMJ summer bag. UPS claims I received it, but since they ignored my note to leave the bag at the deli underneath the building, they dumped it at the door and of course it was stolen!!

    JCrew replaced my first package, and Shopbop claims they will refund me after they make UPS do a SECOND trace. (UPS is not even bothering to look for this thing.) However, I would call them every day until you get an answer.
  13. OMG what a horror! It just seems that so many businesses these days (delivery, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals etc) have people working there who are lazy, incompetent, do their bare minimum job requirement. Whats wrong with society???!! I try to do my best at my job and I expect that from everyone. Sorry for the rant-gosh I hope you get your package!
  14. This had happened to me with some facial products (about $100 worth). FedEx had delivered the package to the house across the street and they told me that the driver specifically remembered delivering the package to my door. Well, my neighbor found it in their bushes 2 days later as she was doing lawn work. But, FedEx told me there was nothing they could do, they stood behind the driver and said to take it up with the sender.

    I hope they can do more for you, considering the amount of your purchase.
  15. i'm hoping that elux will do something about it since they are the merchant (if the package is lost, i will have to file a claim with my card company. as far as i know, elux requested that Fedex do a tracer on the package and that Fedex will contact them as soon as they get any result and in turn, elux will contact me.

    i also hope and pray that whoever got my package will give it to me since it has my name and address on it. i hope that they won't give in to temptations. i just hope that they didn't even try to open the package, much less, use my purse.

    i'm really lost right now because i have no idea who got my package, who this certain C GARCIA who signed the package for me and where he/she lives. this person could be in the same street where i live or somewhere in my neighborhood.