I'm freaking out

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  1. Okay... So I sold a bag out of ebay(on another forum, but we all know each other so we wouldn't scam idealy). And I got delivery confirmation (but not insurance) from USPS... and yesterday the bag said it was delivered, but she says she didn't see any sign of it being delivered... wasn't sure if she's home when they delivered, and none of her family saw it....
    Do you think paypal(we paid through paypal and used the invoice and everything) will refund her the money? and I lose? :tdown:
    I'm really freaking out, and I don't want to loose money because they might set up a claim... She had another bag arrive yesterday too, but the family members didn't see that one either... :cursing::crybaby:
    HELP!! PLEASE! :crybaby:
  2. I think as long as you have delivery confirmation and it shows it was delivered you are ok.....did you ship to a confirmed addy?
  3. Yep! Shipped it to the address she provided and confirmed.
  4. I had something similar happen on ebay. The buyer claimed she never received it and I checked the delivery confirmation and forwarded her the info showing it had been delivered and miraculously she found it all of a sudden.
  5. Well, I showed her the confirmation. And she says she still doesn't see it and says maybe USPS will deliver it tomorrow. Just makes me feel better knowing that paypal will probably side with me. Thanks!
  6. that happened to me before. i didnt receive my item from the seller but the delivery confirmation showed that it was delivered and everything. crappy thing is, i live in a high foot traffic area and the stupid postman just left it outside. so of course it was probably delivered but honestly never received.

    i always make sure to get signature confirmation now, makes it a lot easier
  7. you got the delivery confirmation and the tracking# is your proof... show it to her that it is indeed delivered... hopefully the buyer will not pretend not receiving it..
  8. You will be fine, PayPal will only verify if it was received. When you play outside of Ebay they won't even look into not as described.
  9. Oh geez
  10. i dont quite understand what that means. can you explain please? thanks
  11. if its sold out of ebay then paypal wouldnt do anything, right? but where is the bag then?
  12. Sorry, when a transaction is made outside of ebay but paid thru PayPal, the buyer don't have any protection. PayPal will only make sure you get the item. So if there's a problem and you file a claim for not as described, when escalated it will closed automatic and the buyer receives a notice about how PayPal will only make sure the buyer receives the package. It happened to me once.

    As long as the seller have proof that the item was delivered he will be ok.
  13. I sold a 10 lb. lot of misc. bags to a buyer. I sent with DC and about a month later she emailed me demanding her package. I looked up the tracking and it had been at her post office for almost a month. I told her to check there. She filed a claim against me, but as soon as I provided PP with the tracking, she miraculously found out it was at the PO and closed the claim :rolleyes:
  14. Then your good...It's up to them the customer to take it up with UPS. You did your job, and for all you know they are trying to scam you. Or maybe the package was taken by someone and they aren't saying so either way, you are not at fault. My advice is to contact ebay first and ask them what steps you should take and provide all neccessary documentation. So that way ebay will notify them on the steps they need to take to contact UPS or whomever. If you wait for the buyer to react then ebay will be hearing their side first and freeze your account. While they await your evidence. IMO
  15. you should be fine so long as you send paypal all the info you can as son as they ask for it!

    I got stumped for £40 once because i didnt respond to a claim within an hour. Paypal are stupid and dont care about the ppl they use to get money! I am trying to boycot them.