i'm freaking out...someone please comfort me!

  1. it'a so late at this point so i can't call anybody for them to console me.

    i am so worried about my boyfriend right now. he doesn't live near me, he lives in michigan, so i rely on his phone calls and texts to keep in touch with him.

    tonight he went out with a bunch of people and i'm not even sure where they went, but i'm sure it was "cruising" as they call it -- they're into illegal street racing. he's quite daring on the road and all the time i worry that something's going to happen.

    i haven't heard from him tonight since 9:30pm, and this is so not like him to not have called me by now. this is the latest it's ever gotten since i've heard from him and i'm WORRIED SICK something has happened. i text him once, nothing. i called, nothing, so i called about a half hour later and no answer again so i left a message. almost a half hour later, still nothing.

    i'm sooooo worried, and there's no way i'm getting any sleep tonight unless i hear from him. someone please comfort me! tell me i'm being ridiculous and nothing's happened!!!!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. do you think he wrecked? can you call some hospitals or something? maybe checking in like that might calm your fears.

    hang in there, sweetie! *hug*
  3. Do you have any of his friends' phone numbers?

    I know how it is to worry...my fiancee and his friends are into racing quads and doing jumps on them...

    Just last night, his friend broke his collarbone :sad:

    Honestly, though, I am sure your BF is fine...someone probably put some new exhaust or something on their car and he is checking it out and talkin to them about it...you know how boys are!! LOL
  4. i don't know what to think but at this point i'm crying my eyes out. and i don't know if i should go as far as checking hospitals, it will even freak me out even more...i wouldn't know what hospitals are around him because i haven't been out there yet -- i'm scheduled to fly out there at the end of this month.

    i'm praying he's at home sleeping, but he never comes home without calling me first which is why i'm so scared.
  5. i know, but this late?? he's never this late...and he always calls me. and i would think he would see my texts or my calls and at least let me know he's okay since the last message i left him i said i was worried about him. and i actually don't have any of his friends numbers, otherwise i would call them :sad:
  6. right now i'm just trying to calm myself down by watching fresh prince (it's our favorite show) but i would just feel 10000000000000 times better if he called :sad:
  7. i think it might be comforting to know he's not in teh hospital, you know? just call random ones around the area.

    take a deep breath okay?
  8. i'm trying but what's the process if they take someone into emergency...do they check them in immediately or what?
  9. i wouldn't even know where to call, there seems like there's so many in that area
  10. this happened to me once, my boyfriend wouldnt pick up his phones and he had told me he was going to be home in an hour, and then didnt come home for like 6 hours. i called the police and they checked nearby hospitals for me. it comforted me a LOT. just a suggestion!
  11. what makes it so difficult is that i don't know his area...he lives so far from me and i've never actually been out there before. i don't know if i'm over reacting but i thought for sure he was going to call me tonight. he always does. and if i tell him how freakin worried i am he'll probably be like "jeeze..." and think i'm nuts or something for calling hospitals...
  12. what happened with your situation?
  13. i would hate for anything to happen to anyone, but i'm praying to GOD that if something did, it wasn't to him and he's caught up in something that happened to someone else -- as horrible as that sounds since i would hate for anyone he knows to get hurt, but i'm just so worried about him.

    either that or he's just seeing how far i'll go, which would be a really sick joke. i'd flip out if he was testing me, because here i am worried sick and i have to work tomorrow - definitely not getting any sleep.

    please tell me he's sleeping, please tell me he's sleeping....!

    weird thing is, i looked at his myspace...it says he last logged in on 05/12, which means it was at or sometime after midnight. but that doesn't mean he was home because he can access myspace from his phone. i didn't call him until 1:30 so anything coulda happened during that time.
  14. this is kinda drastic but could u call his parents?
  15. i don't even have his home line! he lives at home still and we've never needed to use his home line...just mine because i don't get cell phone reception at my house, but he does at his.

    i've never even met his parents yet! supposed to may 31!