I'm floored. No azur speedy until june/july?! And here you can normally get anything!

  1. I've been calling around the shops for a damier azur speedy 25 or 30, in Switzerland and France. There are long waitlists "because our damier azur line is tremendously successful"! I can get on a waitlist "but it is very doubtful the next shipment will be big enough for those already on it"! Huh?

    This is highly unusual here. Normally, seasonal or LE bags just sit in the windows, you can get basically anything you want. I didn't realize this was such a successful line and I can remember when I saw those bags in winter and thought well, I'll get one in the spring. HA! :sweatdrop:

    Is this the case worldwide??
  2. Well, when they were released in Australia they were snapped up pretty quick. I went in to LV one day and being a member of the forum I knew about the line so I said, "Have you sold out of the azur line' and the SA said, we have one pochette out the back, so I bought it. Mind you it was summer here in Oz. I was a little worried as I thought that it would be hard to match but it really goes with everything, more so than the mono in my opinion..Last time I went to the store, I didn't see any azur on display so maybe this may be happening worldwide due to the popularity of the line.
  3. I don't think it is as bad in the USA, but I did have to stalk eluxury at odd times of the night for quite a while to get my speedy 25.
    I hope you get yours soon; it is beautiful!
  4. well Damier azur speedies are very popular so most stores have a waitlist for them. However, if you go for less popular models, you can get them fast. Eg. my local boutique didn't have the Saleya GM, so my SA did the express shipping from Toronto and I got it within 24 hours:yes:
  5. I think they were popular quicker here, and now have slowed down. Valley Fair had the 25 and 30 yesterday, where as they were sold out for a long time.
  6. Interesting!

    My dilemma is, I can only get on one waitlist, the SA said, because of the high demand. I wanted to try on the 25 and 30, grr.
    I have a cerises speedy (25) and a damier speedy 30. I like both equally. The cerises is for time off, and the damier I sometimes take to work and on vacation because it fits more but is a pain to go shopping with. Now I don't know which one. I'm 5'6 and about 125 pounds. Any advice?
  7. I usually say get the 25 but in your case I might get the 30. You can then use it for both work and play. The 25 wouldn't be as practical for you I think. Good luck.
  8. ^Good idea! I just read somewhere that the white-ish color makes the bag appear bigger. Is that the case? I don't want a ginormous-looking ivory bag with my usually dark clothing lol. However I could use it for work and play. Arrgh.

  9. I have heard that too. I don't know about you but I fit a ton in my 25. You said you use it for work though so I don't know what you put in it.
  10. I am about the same measurements as you and I want the 30 because I think we are tall enough to pull it off. I am in Canada and the bag is so obscure here, I've never seen it. I may have to get mine from California!
  11. Yes I fit a ton in my 25 too but magazines or files or a light book don't fit in it, the opening is too narrow!
  12. I got both 30 and 25 but sold the 30 one to my friend.
    I prefer 25 it's cute:love:
  13. Yes it is cute, but do I get as much use out of her? Hmm. But I've indeed used my cerises more often than my damier but I think it's because of the cerises :smile:
  14. I prefer the 25. I am almost exactly your same height and weight. I think that the 25 is cuter. . .
  15. I'm about your height and weight too and I have and :heart: the 30! I tried both and found the 25 just a little too small. But I love big bags and carry tons of stuff around with me so that probably had something to do with my decision LOL.